• Apart from a 2009 post I found for an adult basenji that was ill, I was wondering if anyone else has any experience using the Ugodog potty for a Basenji?

    In mid-March I will have a 10-week old Basenji puppy and am trying to figure out the best solution for potty location and house training. I live on the top floor of a 7 storey flat in a densely built urban environment. If I took my Basenji to the street, he would go on cobblestone as the nearest grass is a 10-minute walk away. However, I have a rooftop deck and was thinking that if I bought a ugodog potty or something similar I could train him to use that.

    Any thoughts?

  • I think that would be a excellent solution. Many breeders litterbox train their pups

  • I have one of these that I ordered for an old Basenji to use in the winter cold (and I imagine it might be good for rainy days). http://www.pottypark.com/ I think it would be super easy to teach a pup to use it.

  • Thanks for the suggestion giza1. Have you actually used yours yet? I am a bit hesitant to use (fake) grass as my basenji will more likely go on hard flat surfaces (as he does now at the breeder's) most of his life rather than grass. I also wonder about clean-up. The website says that the potty park is bacteria and smell resistant (i.e. not 'proof'!), but I imagine it is a bit cumbersome cleaning the grass fibers thoroughly enough that all traces of feces are removed. That's one of the reasons I would be interested in hearing about personal experiences with these things.

  • Oh yeah, I've had a Potty Park here for about 4 months. Winter hasn't been nearly as cold as it usually is, and the Basenji it was initially purchased for got much better than I ever thought he would, so the Potty Park isn't as necessary as I thought it might be. BUT, the dog will use it when he gets put on it. Clean-up hasn't been a problem as the grass gets sprayed of in the shower; it might be a bit more problematic if a really sloppy poo sat on it all day, I don't know. I'm happy with the product.

  • Thanks for the feedback Joanne. I'm intrigued. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any retailers outside North America, which means paying hefty import duties if I found a shop over there which would ship it overseas.


  • I'm also interested in using an indoor "pee box" and looking for recommendations from folks who have tried this solution. The PetZoom pet potty on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/PetZoom-Park-Indoor-Potty-25-5/dp/B002ZHRTAK) looks workable.

    Here's the situation. My male B is 14 years old and has started to need to pee late at night or in the middle of the night. He gets three 30-minute walks each day, so he has plenty of opportunities during the day to empty his bladder. (I think it's a general weakening of bladder muscles, as I hear that this happens with older dogs.) The only time that he is peeing indoors is, as I said, late at night. This has happened more regularly over the last month. I put a tarp down by the front door each night, covered by a sheet; he pees there, and nowhere else, and then goes back to sleep.

    I'm continually washing the sheets, and I don't have a washer/dryer where I live, so I'm considering the indoor potty.

    Any recommendations?

  • Pee pads are disposable,don't require washing and would eliminate the need for the tarp

  • @Chealsie508:

    Pee pads are disposable,don't require washing and would eliminate the need for the tarp

    agree, I get a box of 100 of them at a time from kingwholesale.com

    I've also used re-usable pee pads. You can get them or you can get flat crib liners (in the baby department at your local superstore) or you can get incontenient pads made for adults (not sure where to find them, but I know they're out there). My oldest is almost 16 and needs to go during the day while I'm at work, so I just put the pads down where he likes to pee (manage the situation, not training the dog to the pee pads). He often uses about 3 a day, so I'd need a LOT of the reusables if I were to go 100% of those. This is the easiest solution for our household.

  • Agilebasenji, adult incontinent blue pads are called "chucks" in the durable medical supply world (my world). You can find them at any medical equines store and are super inexpensive and they are usually bigger and more absorbent. When I'm in a pinch with the weather I keep some on hand

    These aren't the ones you generally find in a pharmacy in the incontinence section either (those are expensive and come in small quantities). Again I say (my world) as I work for a pharmacy

  • Chealsie-
    I may have to venture into your world <gg>Do you have a good/favorite link where I could find the adult pads?</gg>

  • I'm sorry, but I am gonna go back to your original question and say. Just take him out , he'll do on the cobblestone.. What is the big deal. Your gonna take him out anyway right? Why not just train him to go outside. I don't think it will make a difference to him. I think it is better to teach your dog NOT to do inside anywhere. It's just less confusing. I have never EVER had an accident with Ayo. And he'll go Ina my terrain if he doesn't find the perfect spot. IpHell get used to whatever you have. Do yourself ( exercise)' your dog ( exercise) , and the planet ( disposable pads?) a favor and just take him out ….

  • Agile,
    I get my from a local store at a great price of 150 for 20$ but a site called cheapchux.com has good deals too! You can search google for "disposable blue chucks or chux"

    For instance,
    A box of their smallest size (17x24) is 300/case for 44.99$ whereas the pet industry carries a general rule of thumb, the cheapies: 50ct for 9.99$

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