• Hello All!

    I havent been about much, it's been an epic year… news being that Lycia is having pseudo pregnancy.. would one believe? Almost 4 months after her last heat, the vet was quite puzzled too. So we shall see how that bears out. Anyone else had such a late reaction in their B?

    Otherwise all is well on the dog front, we have been waiting ever so paitently to get through this last year of school to get another B - so keeping my fingers crossed that this winter will be there year! Much luck to everyone's new additions this year as their is so much puppy love about!

    Lauren & Lycia

  • Franie had one at about 3 months past her last season. But if I consider that she may have ovalated very late in the season, she would have been just a bit past the time when pups would have been born.

    What is she doing that makes it seems like a pseudo pregnancy? Is she keeping or putting on weight? Any discharge? I would be careful that it is not PYRO

  • I reiterate what Pat says - are you sure it is a false pregnancy? I assume you'll have got her checked out? I've never had a bitch have a pseudo pregnancy so late after her season.

  • Yes we took her in - she is currently a patient at the Royal Dick Vet in Edinburgh, so I'm feeling good about the hands who have examined her. As well she had two examinations by two vets and they both came to the same conclusion. We are going back in for a follow up appointment in a week or so - and if things are not any different they were planning to give her a treatment to end the "pregnancy".

    She has been lactating from all nipples - it has the consistency and smell of milk. And has been spending more time in the cupboard which I through up to her being quirky but apparently could be nesting. And also - I don't know if this is related but I really hope it is… she has been really unhappy with male dogs doing the "greeting smell", so much so she is quick to turn around and snap at them for merely checking things out. It is very very unlike her, because she is the most laid back , non aggressive dog normally. Otherwise she is fit as a fiddle, eating, drinking, playing very normally.

  • Pleased to hear that it is only a false pregnancy and not a pyo as I feared because It seemed to have occurred quite late. I'm also pleased to hear that she's in good hands. All in all nothing to worry about.

    In my experience these false pregnancies clear up by themselves after some days but of course every dog is different. I do give homeopathic treatment (particularly to help dry up the milk) which helps of course but I know in the general run people don't have any faith in it.

    I trust that she'll soon return to her normal good natured self.

    These pseudo pregnancies are quite a normal thing in primitive breeds.

    yes, it does make the bitches moody for a while too, so that's normal as well.

  • Thanks Patty,

    It's good to be reassured. It's always so unnerving when something is a bit off with her - I get so worried! I'm really really hoping that her mood will improve as well, as it feels like when we have been on the walk these past few months since her heat she is so removed from her normal personality.

    I'm hoping for a recovery soon, her milk seems to be a little clearer so I hope that's a good sign.

  • Keep us updated, please.

  • I shall do !

    Currently she is still lactating, still moody, still my favourite puppy in the world 🙂 Her appetite has been slightly more irregular, but she is still eating and drinking to my comfort. Not much to report thus far, we have one more week before the vet wants us back.

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