Jubilee and Mystique

As I'm new here, I figured I'd show off my Bs. Both are from the "Sinful" basenji line – any relatives here? 😉

Both dogs and my husband. Ya know, typical basenji life.

Jubilee being a snuggle-bunny.

Mystique with her crazy face – she tends to do that and "fish flop" if you blow raspberries at/on her.

Mystique loves a good car ride. Even if it is to the vet…

Sorry if they are small -- I was paranoid about making my images too large LOL

What sweet looking dogs, welcome to the forum.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Thanks! I think they are precious, but then I'm a bit biased =-)

Since Sinful bred to different lines, knowing the sire and dam's names of your kids would help people to see if any of theirs are related. Thanks for the fun pictures

Pretty girls 🙂

Pat – facepalm duhhh. I don't know why I didn't think about that! I'll blame it on lack of sleep....

Mystique's sire is Sinful's Spirit of the South and dam is Sinful's Meant to Be E-Z. Jubilee's sire is D's Up Up N Away of Woz and dam is Sinful's Uptown Girl. We used to have Mystique's brother from a earlier litter (same dam/sire), Sinful's Rowdy Explorer, but he's gone to the rainbow bridge.

One of my first girls, Tasha, would have been related to them, as she was a Tornado daughter. She was born in 91 and I lost her in 03 to liver cancer. I had to look your dogs parents up on the Zande data base.

I have a X-men theme for my current pups too I have Gambit and Tempest.

We have 2 lady B's and what fun is it to be with them on the couch…

Yanno, I never thought about the X-men theme! We just used portions of their AKC names given by the breeder because they were cute 😉
And, I must confess, despite the possible X-men namesake, Jubilee is a boy. But such a sweet boy! I love my lady Bs, but I think the boys are a little sweeter. Probably something to do with female to female alpha dominance.

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