• http://youtu.be/Z4broschxNU

    hehe got this video tonight of Ebony and Diodji carrying on before bed time. I let them "dig" cos it wears them out and they seem to really enjoy it doing sommersaults and all.

    Diodji is the basenji we met at the dog park. his mummy had to go away for a few days so hes having a sleep over with Ebony and Hope.


    p.s. dont mind my partners commentary- hes playing a playstation game while talking to his friends lol

  • ROFLMAO, Cara tries to dig UNDER Leora. We tell her that Leora is not a mother hen, she is not a chick needing to get under her. SHe does the general digging too. WTH? Insane breed we have here.

  • Yup, digging at our house here, especially on the bed at night. We think Kipawa is just trying to 'adjust' the blankets to his liking. ūüôā

  • Both of mine are diggers too. Tucker not so much as Becca. She will rest her head on the bed and then dig with all of her might. Then they get into a squabble and tire themselves out then curl up and go to sleep. I find they do this more when they aren't tired and don't want to settle down for sleep quite yet. Lately they have been doing the fence run with the neighbors dogs and they sleep pretty soundly at night.

  • OMG, that was hilarious. Cracked me up when they fell off the bed and when one found the Pringles can. B's are just so cute. No matter what they are doing, it's always entertaining.

  • If I didn't know better, I'd think I was watching a video of Cairo & Harley!!! The digging must come from some weird survival instinct the B's developed over the centuries. My son jokes that they're digging out bugs (??) Regardless of why, we get such a kick watching their spasmodic digging!

  • Hope done it a lot when she was a puppy during her first wet season. She only does it occasionally now, when she's restless before bed.

    Hadn't seen Ebony do it til Hope done it. I wonder if other dogs do it or if it's a basenji thing

  • I think it's a Basenji thing though I stand to be corrected. Mine all do it - complete with standing on their heads. I enjoyed the video.

    Happy Christmas to all.

  • Some of mine have been "bed diggers", but one was unique. He would get under the top cover and continually lift it with his head‚Ķ...boing, boing, boing......until he was happy with it. It was quite cute, but not so much when you just wanted to go to sleep. As to digging, you do have to keep an eye on it, lest they get too enthusiastic. Found that out the hard way, with a ripped sheet and a hole in the foam topper when my guy tried extra hard to get things exactly to his liking. :p

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