• I received the following information a couple of minutes ago:

    "Today during a transport in KS a female basenji escaped after backing out of her harness. She is now running loose in a rural area south of Pittsburg, KS. The volunteers who were involved are feeling awful, the former owner who just relinguished her to BRAT this weekend is in tears, and the little male basenji who was her buddy will undoubtedly be very lonesome unless she is found.

    If you live in the area please let BRAT know if you hear of a brindle female being found. She is wearing an ordinary collar with tags and is micro-chipped. Hopefully, someone will find her and notify her former owner or BRAT."

  • Thanks Patty! I was just about to post this as I received the same message from Liz Newton. Everyone please keep an eye out for this brindle girl! I'm sure she's very scared and misses her Basenji buddy! 😞

  • I feel sick about it. 😞 I hope they find her.

  • There is both a humane society and animal control in Pittsburg, KS so they should check both places. I would also check vet offices and other cities/towns near Pittsburg and the adjoining counties. The shelters or vets may not know what a Basenji is and could mislabel her as a Terrier/Chi or even a Pitbull mix since she is a brindle.

    Pittsburg, KS is not far from the MO border-only 5 miles and is only 30 miles from Joplin, MO and 45 miles from Miami, OK. I hope a search group can get together and look for her.


  • Has anyone heard if they have found her yet or not??

  • Nothing sent out which I am sure they would if they found her. 😞

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