A few more pics of Kamar and his buddy

Just thought I'd share a few more pics of Kamar and his buddy P?bel!

Kamar is a treat-o-holic, he beg for treats from his daddy whenever he can.

Yep, this basenji likes mud! He takes a dip in it, he drinks it and he eats it …

I think he has it from this guy. 😉

Kamar looks big here! But he sure has grown up alot lately.

P?bel is also a sucker for treats.

See? Getting big already!

His butt is never still.

Big and small.

We try to free stack Kamar, and sometimes we also catch it on camera. The two last weekends in October he's going to puppy shows with his breeder - can't wait to see how he does! 🙂

He's sooo cute!!!!! Love the little tri!!!!

Very nice!

He's growing up so fast. Love the photos. 😃


I love your photo updates 🙂

Kamar is precious. Good luck at the shows.

He looks great, and I love his chest. It's nice and strong looking.

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