• We went on a little hiking trip in the forest today, and of course our furkids had to come with us!

    Pobel is telling Kamar he can't run away from him.

    Kamar say he understand. :rolleyes:

    Enjoying fresh air.

    Pobel is a rollerdog

    Pobel wonder where Kamar is.

    … but Kamar is just sniffing and shaking his butt in the air.

    Kamar wonder where Pobel is.

    Pobel always waste his energy from the start … 😉

    Kamar is an energy saver.

    Pobel is a nice boy. 🙂

    This is sooo typical Kamar. "got food?!"

    Kamar is trying to look his best.

    But he always dooo!

    Pobel like to walk in the icy river.

    Is there something exciting happening over there, brother?

    I'm trying to take a nice pic of Pobel, but there is almost always a dog in the way. 😉

    Pobel is trying to do some fancy tricks!

    The pretty boys sitting still!

  • Loved your "photo essay". They look like they are having fun! 🙂

  • They are so good together! Looks like there were having fun.

  • Such a handsome pair 🙂

  • Love the profile shot of Kamar! Beautiful Tri!

  • First Basenji's

    Gorgeous pics! You really get down to their level for some nice, personalized shots. 🙂

  • Lovely pictures!

  • What a magical place for them to play! Lucky dogs!!!!

  • As I started looking at your pictures, I thought to myself "oh, I will mention that picture". Then I kept scrolling down and it was one awesome picture after another. Incredible detail and such cute poses from the both of them. What a great pair of dogs!

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