Leather Martingale??

Looking for a leather martingale collar for Dexter. I've went through all of the previous threads regarding this but haven't found what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to find a leather martingale that is imprinted with some type of pattern (tribal/african pattern) that fits the Basenji look! I know I've seen a few before in the photos section! Any suggestions??

I've never actually seen a leather collar with a tribal pattern. I have 3 that are cross hatched hand tooled patterns - all three are different. I posted pics in the thread in the link below - back when I originally purchased them. Sadly 2 of them need repair as my brother wasn't watching Brando and he managed to chew 2 of them - luckily only the adjustable part and not the patterned part. Anyway, don't know if these are the style you are talking about.


You can check out Masters Pride http://www.masterspride.com/

Im liking both of these lovely leather sites, thanks for the info…

Loving both of these, thanks so much!

They look really nice. I wonder how they compare to the fabric ones, as far as not cutting the fur & are the chain attachments really strong & do they last?

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