• i guess i got lucky it is at the very very early stage but i dont know what to do nor does myvet can some one please help

  • Was this a cheek swab or a urine check? Either way, there is a closed fanoni list you can join.
    Sorry for this bad news.
    Do you know where she came from re breeder??

  • @Stellababy:

    i guess i got lucky it is at the very very early stage but i dont know what to do nor does myvet can some one please help

    How was she tested that determined that she had Fanconi (we are assuming that is what you are talking about). If she is spilling sugar in her urine, the you need to refer to Fanconi Protocol and give a copy to your Vet.


    And what is her breeding? Have you contacted her breeder?

  • If she is at the very, very early stage, then she is probably asymptomatic, which is good. I would start by having a full blood panel and a venous blood gas done. (Follow the link above to the protocol to see what values to test.) Then you can contact Dr. Steve Gonto, who will generously help you and your vet get your dog on the proper diet and supplements. Most vets know little to nothing about Fanconi or how to treat it, so Dr. Gonto can be an invaluable resource. Many vets will tell you there is nothing you can do for a Fanconi dog, but that's simply not the case. My dog has been living an almost normal life on the protocol for eight years. I hope everything goes well for you and your Stella.

  • i got stella from a petstore bobbie harris is her so called breeder aka puppy mill. stella last thursday fell over turned gray and cold puking and bm all over herself took her to an er vet said liver atls were very high. 600$ later still no answer so i took her to my vet she did blood gas urine and bunch of other test and said blood work was ok but she has some suger in her urine. so dr. abby and i looked up on the net and found this again more test and as of monday i amemailing all the test results to dr. steve guto in GA. talked to him for 2hrs what a great help. My er vet said she had a grandmal siezure and the next morning when i went to pick her up she the best i can do is out her down allready had the damn paper drawn up so thats why i went to my reg vet. we still dont know what went wronge but liver is ok now and she is playing like a puppy again. but water has increased ans peeing too

  • Oh, how frustrating and scary for you! I get so angry at some vets. No definitive diagnosis, and she says, "Well, just put her down." How stupid and insensitive is that!!! If this idiot were a human doctor, I suppose she would tell her patients to commit suicide when she didn't know what they had?
    Dr. Gonto will be of tremendous help to you. He tends to get angry (even angrier than I do, or at least he's more expressive about it!) at some of the foolish behavior of some vets, but he ALWAYS has the dog's best interest at heart. And he knows more than anyone about Fanconi, including many of the 'experts' in animal kidney disease.
    Hugs to you and Stella, and thinking positive thoughts for you both!

  • I am glad you contacted Dr. Gonto. He is WONDERFUL and truly the man who has helped us all make sure that even with Fanconis our dogs can live good lives. If you follow his protocols your dog should do well. I wish you and your vet had known to be strip testing your dog monthly and had caught this early, but you have sure stepped up and gone the distance to do what is right.

  • Glad your b s getting the treatments to keep her with you for many years.

  • I'm sorry that your girl has fanconi…but now that you know, you can do all you can to help her stay as healthy as possible for as long as
    possible. Dr. Gonto is wonderful and will help you and your vet along the way. Hugs to you both.

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