I rescued him nearly a year ago and he is making great improvements. He was a stud dog for a NC breeder. They let him go because they decided to keep two females he sired.

He is a very handsome boy. Do you know, was he shown?

He is a lovely boy. I really like the picture of him hanging out on the deck 🙂

very nice looking boy. do you remember the breeder's name?

The breeder whom I got him from was nocturnal kennels however I do not remember where he was sired

Welcome to you and Achilles.

First Basenji's

He looks like he has a very comfortable life with you!

Thank you. Achilles seems to be very happy now and is surprisingly willing to learn. He had zero obedience training when I rescued him and was standoffish around new people except myself. He now knows "Come" and "Stay" without any hesitation, will "Sit," "Lay Down," and will Yodel to be let out to eliminate. He is also doing much better around people. He was initially very protective of me and his personal space and would hackle at new people. Now he sniffs and will allow others to pet him after he decides they are alright. That being said, he has been exceptional around small children. Although I am extremely vigilant when children are around, he has had no issues and seems genuinely enthused to play.

He looks and sounds like a fabulous dog! How lucky for both of you. 🙂

Welcome, Achilles is lucky you found him! He is a good looking boy.

He sounds a very good boy!

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