• As if my precious little BRAT B boy, Hunter, could get any more precious!!!!:):)

    Sound asleep last night (I am the meat in the b sandwich in my bed!!!:):))

    Hunter was obviously having sweet dreams and he feels the need to let out the sweetest BAROOOOOO. Both Bandit & I wake up, Bandit is a bit agitated with him at this point, I hold her down as if to say, "no, it's so sweet, let him finish". He only let out one but it was so smooth and looonnnnggggg!!!!:):)

    He had let out 2 baroos earlier in the evening when I got home from work. Usually, his baroos crack and he sounds like he's a 2 pack a day smoker! Last night, it was as smooth as Ella Fitzgerald!!!

    Gotta love it!!!!:):):):)

  • I'm jealous. I have yet to hear a basenji baroo/yodel in person. Mine is too quiet. 😞

    Happy to hear how well Hunter is enjoying his home. πŸ™‚

  • One one hand I can't believe his first Mommy didn't want him.

    On the other hand he is crazy, spring-loaded, uncoordinated & all B!!!!

    Luckily for him, I love it!!!!!

  • I am jealous too, but I have heard of other Bs who only baroo in their sleep. I'd take it any time. That said, my neighbors had a dog named Sara. I thought it was a sweet name for a sweet beagle. Until I learned it was short for Midnight Serenade. Not quite so sweet then. 😞

  • I'll have to video Buddy at the dog park running around letting them out about every 10 minutes. Makes everybody laugh! πŸ˜ƒ They're just not used to hearing that sound from a dog.

  • There's no sweeter sound than a basenji barooing, especially in their sleep! My first b would do that occasionally. Sounds like Hunter is very happy in his new home!!

    We were so excited when Zuni started to baroo..Chey is very quiet and Apache just does loud yawn sounds or little woofs. My favorite baroo from her was when she finished one of her straight line runs the first time my husband came with us. When we got back over to him….he boxes her.... she looked up at him and let out the loudest and longest baroo to date! It was SO cute!

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