My brand new baby-B and her issues :)

  • Hi Im Shawna and me and my husband rescued our new baby off the streets she was malnourished and infested with fleas, at first she was very calm( im thinking because she was nervous and didnt know what to think) she attached herself to my 15 month old daughter right away and wont ride anywhere else in the car except next to her. She has since become very active and hard to handle witch i expected im am also thinking she is very young around 8 weeks now i got her 2 weeks ago. She loves to play tug-of-war with my daughters diaper. She is having an awful lot of accidents in the house but it is my fault because i am also occupied with my little one hopefully this gets better. Oh and our Mandy got her name from a Barrry Manilow song. She is also having some chewing issues.

    Would love to here some advice on how to train my baby.:D

  • Sounds like a typical puppy 🙂

    I recommend taking her to a puppy obedience class, one of the single most helpful things that I do with all of my pups. It helps you and the dog to learn work together and you get to learn all about how to best socialize the dog.

    The chewing you need to address by providing her with lots of appropriate things for her to play with and chew on. If she has something that is not hers to chew on tell her "no" and redirect her attention to an appropriate item. When she switches to the toy you are offering praise her loads. Also try to keep inappropriate things beyond her reach as much as possible.

    The process of house training can be a long one…pups do not have full control of their little systems until about 8 or so months. Crate training really helps with potty training.

    Here is a link for you:

    The tugging on the babies diaper I would also redirect…can you give a description of what usually happens when this occurs?

  • Moth if this pup is only 8 wks old, it is not ready for puppy classes.

    I am wondering why you think it is only 8 wks old? Have you see a vet? The pup should be wormed, get shots etc. And then, yep it is crate training time.

    For clear, easy training lessons:

  • Can you send us some photos please?

  • I dont have any pics right now she is so active its hard to get any good ones. And when she tugs my daughters diaper i do redirect her. she is just trying to get my daughter to play with her. i have seen the vet he believes she was around 7-8weeks and she has had her dewormer and her first set of shots. He was amazed at how healthy she had become once we rescued her. She was sooo tiny when we first got her. BUt she is def thriving and gaining lots of weight.

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