• http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pet/2473336484.html

    I don't know where this boy came from, but am trying to find out.
    Anyone recognize him?

  • It's a good ad, honest assessment of his needs and issues right up front. Hope he finds a good home.

  • Sadly, its incomplete. This dog has bitten 5 times and several have required hospital visits/stay for the humans on the recieving end. This b was raised by someone who believed what they saw on TV re dog training and not the good trainers. Niles was told that growling or showing anytype of discomfort isn't acceptable. So now he goes from nice to bite without warning.
    It will take a home who has had b's and biters to see if this boy can be changed. Great sigh.

  • First Basenji's

    That sounds so, so hard. Were you able to talk to them directly, Sharron? I'm sorry for the family, but keeping my fingers crossed.

  • How sad 😞

    I hope he finds a home where someone can work with him. It is very difficult if they have learned not to warn before biting 😞

  • Yes, I spent an hr on the phone with her about a month ago. I had a friend go over and see the dog, find out what the lady was saying today. Same story, except she learned
    he was on bite #5. Sigh. This poor dog has learned this is the way to make folks stop whatever they are doing that bothers him. Sigh.

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