• I agree… one of the best pics I have seen on here!

  • Hi Libby, 1) Great photos! 2) I just wanted to say thanks for your honesty with regard to the few adjustments to pic #1. In today's world it seems such a basic quality as honesty is rather lacking so it is refreshing (for me at least) to come online and find it!

    Thanks for making my day.

  • This is a very cute picture! 😃

  • OMG that is one priceless picture. PLEASE submit to BRAT's calendar! They take nonbrat dog pics too!

  • Houston

    ♥ it…how lovely.

  • It was taken on my cell phone so hopefully the BRAT Calendar people will be able to use it. I don't think so due to the low picture quality though, I'll send it in to see if they can do something!

    Here is another one I found of Dude and his best friend Chrissy. Chrissy now lives in Sweden!

    This is another one of my favs, Dude says hi to all his friends online 🙂

  • So very cute!!:)

  • That is adorable!

  • WAYY too cute!!! ❤

  • Love it!!!

  • This is a photo to be framed. I love it. So adorable.

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