• Really great stuff here:
    this is especially great for people asking questions about dog behaviors or having training problems. I have not read this book, but it seems very promising.

    if you have an ipod/iphone - npr addict is a great free app! (and the interview from author of Incognito is fascinating but not dog-related - also a Fresh Air interview)

  • I am in the process of reading Bradshaw's book now…it's very interesting. I'm not yet half-way through it, but even at this point, I would recommend it to all dog owners! It's available as a Kindle ebook...I imagine it's available in other eReader formats, too.

  • Just checked and it's available for my nook, so i may have to get it before our next trip. these ereaders are awesome for long trips.

    how do you find it compares to ?? McConnell's books or Clothier's book or ???

  • I have not read the other books, so can't give any comparison. I'm now at the point where he's talking about clicker training…guess I need to get some books on clicker training or find a trainer here who is familiar with it. I've never done clicker training and really have no idea how to go about it.

  • Oh, clicker training is really just play! Have fun with it. And you can find lots of good info on the internet about how to get started. google Shirley Chong, Karen Pryor, 100 things to do with a box, etc. Debradownsouth has a good like with a rott owner about clickers. Karen Pryor's newest book is really interesting and is about training animals, but not so much a how to book.

    When you start, start with something you don't care about the finished behavoir. Hence the 100 things to do with a box. The first thing I purely shaped was a dumbell retrieve with Diggie.

  • Thanks for posting! I'll check it out 🙂

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