Ozzie and Lacie settling right in

  • Here are a few more recent pictures of Ozzie and Lacie. If you remember we got them in the beginning of October through BRAT and they are loving life everyday. Ozzie's favorite thing to do is to eat tissues and paw at your leg until you pet him. Lacie loves to sleep in her little nests she creates and lick your face. They are the greatest little puppies ever! The first one is Ozzie and Lacie. The second one is Ozzie being crazy. The third one is Ozzie pawing me and telling me to pet him. The fourth one is Lacie licking my face and the last one is Ozzie stretching out.


  • Aww‚Ķaren't they so sweet! Sounds like they are doing so well in their new home!

  • Those are great pictures! It looks like your pack is settling in nicely.

  • I honestly think that is the prettiest brindle Basenji I have ever seen! Seems like the two of them make a great pair!!! You are a lucky Basenji slave. ūüėČ

  • I would love to see more pix of Lacie so I can see her markings!

  • Just thought I would add a few more of Lacie for those that asked to see her coloring better ūüôā

    Ozzie being a goober

    At the Dog park

  • What gorgeous basenjis!!! If mine wasn't a mix (b & whippet) I would swear she and Lacie were sisters. I will have to get recent pic and post it soon.

  • Thank you for posting more pics! I am not usually as keen on the brindles, but as I said, Lacie is one of the prettiest ones I have seen. I have a red and white, like your Ozzie, and am partial to them! They really are beautiful B's.

  • lacie has a really sweet face too ūüôā they are both lovely. and no trouble at all right? hehe

  • I love the pictures‚Ķkeep em commin! I am glad they are settling in.

  • Yes, that Brindle is very beautiful, and I am partial to Red&Whites myself as my Sahara is a red&white. My Sahara, also claws at my leg and feet when she wants my attention. She also likes to mouth my hands which I am trying to change. She is quite stubborn but I will keep trying, she also hurts me when she bites at my feet, today I was trying to get in my car to go to work and she really got me. She hates for me to leave, and I am trying to change that also. She doesn't know that what she is going is hurting me, she just wants me to stay home. She is the sweetest dog otherwise and is very attached to me and my husband. I noticed in your room you have electrical cords hanging, please be on the lookout, Sahara ate through an electrical cord last summer. Thank God is was not plugged in or I would have had a dead dog. I was at work when she did this and had no idea that she would chew on an electric cord.

  • not a lot of trouble, haha. just typical basenji behavior. ozzie loves to get into the bathroom trashcans and destroy as many tissues as he can. he also loves to beg for food, and if you aren't looking for a split second he will snatch it away in a matter of seconds. he is sooo fast! haha. lacie is really good, she doesn't really get into any trouble unless ozzie is doing it first, then she just follows along. they are great basenjis and love to just sleep with you all the live long day haha. oh and they love going to the dog park, apparently another basenji goes there, but we have yet to see him.

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