• Hi, my name is Christina and I am goldenfri's fiance. Today I took a few pictures of our dogs as well as my mom's two basenji's when we brought Lacie and Ozzie over for a play date. It took a little bit to warm up our two dogs with my mom's two dogs, with a few growls and so forth, but eventually it all worked out in the end as you can tell by these great pictures. The first picture if all the dogs piling at the door to see my mom. The next is all the dogs standing on the bay window to look outside at my mom. Our two are the brindle girl in the red collar and the red and white male. The third picture is a closer one of the second. And the forth and final one is when our dog Lacie (left) and my mom's dog Itchy are still standing on the bay window. Enjoy.


  • I love the one of the 4 looking out the windowūüÜí

  • They are just too cute! How great that they get along with your mom's B's!! Now they have family to hang out with!! ūüėÉ

  • Beautiful pictures‚Ķlove the 4 at the window with your Mom peeking through! Thanks for sharing them.

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