• Last weekend we got a empty dead end road and great weather, so a nice day for showtraining!
    The first one this year and the boys LOVED it!
    We had the biggest trouble getting Buana normal, he likes it so much he kept Yodeling and dancing, with his sweet ears in his neck of happines‚Ķ ūüėÉ

    A little walk first

    Buana's buttom:)

    Ryan is showing too:)


    my sweet puppie

    Chaffie's pretty face



    Buana totally happy


    Free stacking


    Leaving together ūüôā

  • Kim, what great photos! Both the dog-boys have such lovely faces, they are gorgeous. And your funny photos are hysterical! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us.

  • Such a lovely pack. ūüôā

  • The pictures with Ryan and the dog-boys are something you will cherish for many years! They will be great photos for Ryan to have as an adult. ūüôā

  • More lovely pictures - i especially like the one where all three are looking for their cookies!

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