Kwame is 12 weeks old today and has just been for his first ever walk in the great outdoors.
I took him with my eldest son, Jim and Malaika to our local nature reserve.
He did fantasticaly well on the lead and had fun, although he was his usual whinging self :rolleyes:
He is now crashed out in his crate.
Will post some pictures later.

Isn't that first outdoor nature walk so wonderful? đŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Wow this is exciting

with my eldest son, Jim

What's this shiny stuff

I can stand nicely

Spot the Puppy

Watching something interesting

Where's my big sis going ?

Lovely pictures and what a great adventure for Kwame, I love the one of him with the daffodils.


oh I love them all…great pictures.

Aww, lovely pictures of Kwame's first outing, Shelley! đŸ™‚

Thunderbird,How old is your other Basenji? Is it a female? My little Isis is 13 weeks today.

hi ydelacosta,
Malaika is 14 months old and a female.
Your little Isis is very pretty.

Kwame is looking great Shelley!

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