• My son's Basenji is a 5 year old neutered brindle. The family is comprised of my son, his wife, their 3 year old daughter, Brutus the Basenji, and Bubba the cat. The problem is, Brutus will look at my daughter-in-law and pee- on the couch or on their pillow or? Tried many things. Brutus does not do well in a crate. Only other issue is food aggressiveness -somewhat under control. Since my Basenji, Meg Ryan, is PERFECT- ;)I cannot relate to any issues.

  • Has he been tested for fanconi? Also, b's will do submissive peeing, if they have issues with a person.
    Do this person like the b or interacted with the dog in a positive manner?

  • He has been tested for Fanconi. I don't think he has any issues with any of the family members. He is definitely punishing them though.

  • Sorry, but I don't believe dogs do this type of thing for punishment.
    Something else is going on and it might be good to ask someone who knows how b's act to look at the dog and see his behaviors.
    Re the fanconi test, was it a stip test or the cheek swab?
    That is a very important difference.

  • Hi Lisa, welcome! I have not seen this behavior in any of mine, but a friend's female basenji used to pee on his wife's pillow about once a week. They finally bonded and the basenji stopped peeing on the bed, so we assumed she was marking the bed as 'hers' and the human female was not welcome!
    Have they noted anything special preceding the episodes? Raised voice, excitement, anything that might have triggered the peeing?

    Other than looking for a precipitating trigger (to work from) I don't have any suggestions.
    Hugs to Meg Ryan.

  • She is probably not picking up on his signals to go out. He knows better than to pee on the floor so he gets up on something elevated and then pees. Or it is possible he has a UTI or some other issue. It may hurt when he pees so he is trying new places to find somewhere it doesn't hurt. (A very common reason for cats who suddenly refuse to use the litter box but it can happen with dogs too.)

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