• You gotta see this. It was on our local news. This cat lives in the next city over from me.

  • That was hysterical!

  • Dan,
    I cracked up when I saw that on the news the other night!!!

  • Houston

    That is absolutely hilarious…we have a clepto mutt next door..steals our shoes, even adult boots, garden gloves, toys, even my hubby's pliers..but we know where to go..she is also the chicken killer..has killed 3 of our hens since we moved in here in August..ggrr..we now have a fence up between us and them..so no more hen murders...

  • My first Basenji used to break through the fence and go into the neighbor's yard, rummage through her garden stuff, tip over pots and steal her garden gloves.

  • I loved this story when I saw it. It reminded me of this white cat that used to live near us years ago. We would buy catnip toys (one particular one) for our cats, and this cat would come into our place and take them. We were forever replacing them. By chance we finally met the owner and found out that white cat (we called him Thiefy) had a huge stash of these toys and that the lady never knew where he got them from.

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