• I was watching Basenjis on youtube there are some cute videos and some show ones there. One, had a dog named Kamu, who went best of breed, and he was lovely, but the music there was very cool.. does anyone know what music and who did the song?? I really loved it.
    Zaharah had her first handling class last night Oh my Gosh!! I was so embarassed at her behavior.. I am so used to showing dobermans who stand like statues, and move perfectly.. wow I am in for hours of hard work lead training this one!!!! Are all Bs, so stubborn??? It was fun, anyway.. must go biweekly for this one I think..Janice:eek:

  • Yes, they are stubborn and want to do what they want, when they want. Just be patient and your B will be ahead of the class, they are smart and fast learners, or at least my B was. They just take patience, so be prepared. Good Luck!

  • With puppies I don't push too much. I would rather have a wiggly puppy in the ring who blossoms into a show dog that really enjoys showing because it is fun than to overpractice a puppy who ends up doing everything but without that spark that makes a basenji a basenji. Rally's second time in the show ring, at 7 months old, she fought me on the table about where her front foot should go, then on the down and back she tried so hard to itch her collar off she actually somersaulted over, we were asked to do it again and she did do much better the second time, and then we were given WB for a point. So there are judges that know a puppy will be a puppy. When Rally finished at 2 years old and 1 week, I slipped on the wet grass and fell flat on my butt, Rally stacked beautifully next to me in line with everyone else and looked at me like she was saying, "What in the world are you doing? That is not what is next." We were BOW that day for a 4 point major. So they really do grow into it.

  • I agree, Lisa. Now, I take it really slow with puppies. I occasionally take them to conformation class just to have fun. I found out the hard way with Querk that the more you push it, and get frustrated, the more nervous the dog gets with the whole show deal.

    I work on stacking at home when they are around 4 mos old. Then I don't do much until they are old enough to go in the ring, maybe a match or two if they are available. For the first few shows, we just have fun….then I do a lot of my training in the ring after that.

    Janice, I think you will find that the Basenji ring is WAY more relaxed than the Dobe ring! Everyone expects puppies to be silly, including the judges. We fall down, we restack our dogs a billion times (and everyone in the ring knows our pain!)...we know if a bird flies over the dogs are going to watch it...we laugh with each other at ourselves 🙂 It's a lot of fun!

  • Puppy showing sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Thank you everyone for the encouragement and advice. I want to make showing this puppy fun, for both of us and not stressful, at all these people are way too serious.. shw was wiggeling because she had to poop, and so she did it in the class I handed her off to a spectator, laughed and wiped up the mess, and went on with the class.. she was much better behaved heck!! she had to go and you know the opld saying if you have to go then go!! I am going to take Zaharah to the park, as soon as the snow is gone, and the weather gets better.. we can have such fun there.. I am not going to push her, we are not a serious breed,and as long as there are people who are as kind and sweet as everyone here has been, I will survive the antics, and laugh along with you and me.. Thanks again for your great support..God, Doberman people are not like you all none of them.. thank goodness I changed breeds.. I think I am in for some fun…

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