• Since both of you just got your puppies my question is around ten weeks what is a good estimate for their neck to tail length? I am trying to get a sweater before I get the pup but I can't decide between 12''-14'',16''-18'',20''-22''? Can either of you please help me😕

    Really anyone can help me out, I just know that both Kipawa and Basenjimamma have new pups

  • Well, Kipawa is now 17 weeks old. His neck to tail length is just under 15". So, by the measurements you have given, I would suggest the 12-14" for your pup, which will give you a bit more use out of the sweater. They grow so fast! Also, depending on you getting a male or female pup, one thing I found out when buying Kipawa a raincoat is that a lot of the coats and sweaters out there don't provide enough clearance for a male dog peeing (the pee would wet the coat). We had to try on several to get the correct fit.

  • Most likely it will be a boy so I will have to keep that in mind. Wow! 17 weeks already?!? Time flies I'm telling you, thanks for the response…I didn't know how else to get your attention other than to title the thread with your name-lol. I want something to have before he comes because we have about two feet of snow on the ground now with the weather near zero and in the teens and next week we are forecasted another blizzard:( ....I plan on getting another when I get him....Thanks again, the advice is appreciated

  • when i first got Zest! a papillon friend loaned me a sweater for her. That worked out really nice as she outgrew it after the first winter.

  • This reminds me of a funny story - When I first got my puppy I was at a show and asked a very well known breeder how long my puppy would be able to wear the size of coat that I was looking at. Her answer was something like - about as long as it will take her to chew her way out of it!!! 🙂

  • Houston

    Hey, I just now saw this thread, sorry it took a while..well I just woke Pippin up and measured his back from neck to right in front of the tail and he is only 9" long..he is almost 12 weeks…shy a few days. I had a sweater at home that I bought our doxie a while back, it is in size S from (walmart) sshhh, don't tell anyone I bought a dog sweater there...and it fits him great..but we don't have MA type winters or chills..

  • the thought of you waking pippin up and measuring him made me laugh and after the hellish day I've had I needed that image in my head….tell Pippin I am sorry for waking him and thank you....I am ordering two sizes just in case seeing both your measurements and Kipawa's....this morning going into work it was -1degrees out so a coat is a must! Thanks again:)

  • Houston

    Glad we could help…Pippin is back sound asleep...can't wait to see your little guy...;)

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