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Well we tried to find the harness this weekend but all the stores on the list i called didnt have them they had alot of other things by ruff wear but not that harness {figures} lol So i gave in and had to chase around phoenix and practicly sit on him to get him to stay still long enough so i could measure around him. and Placed an order online 🙂 So hopefully in a week or so i should have it 😃 😃 I think he will love it it looks really comfortable 🙂 🙂 thanks again for given me the site 😃 😃

Your Welcome?? Don't really feel comfortable saying it when all I did was send you on a wild goose chase. :() So sorry you weren't able to find one locally. They were pleasant to deal with on the phone so if it doesn't fit I'm sure you won't have problems exchanging it.

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First of all sorry for the belated post(busy day)…..
He weighs 25-28lbs
They make 'em to fit even smaller then Decker.....
I have an XS go to this link to look at their sizes.


Is it easy to put on? It looks like there are three snaps (buckles?). Does it go over the head? What about size? What size did you get your pup? It looks like it gives room for good adjustments around the waist.

1 After the initial adjustments are made it's a breeze to put on…....
2 Two buckles.... look below
3 There are 5 adjustment points makeing for a secure, snug fit.

I would probably use it for a seat harness but I'm wondering if it's hard to get on and off them.

Taking the harness off…....


Is the one that you have light weight? breathable mesh?

So light I was concerned the package was empty when the UPS dude handed it my way. :()

Not Mesh but still breathable….. we've been on several bike rides and he seems to start panting at the same point he did when not wearing it. Hence, no signs of over heating.

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What is the price of this harness? It looks very nice!

The size I purchased(XS) was $49 + Shipping = around $55 total.
I think every size is the same price however.

To Laura

Ill post a detailed reply later today as I'm about to leave for work now…. check back around 7 tonight.

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It looks like the seatbelt goes through the handle loop on the back??
This is where I had problems with EL D with another brand getting tangled up.

For this one I'll need to get seatbelt adapter to attach to the harness and the seatbelt will go through the adapter that is attached to the harness not the harness itself(i.e. the thing attached to the harness in this picture…...

Hopefully this will give him sufficient amount of room to readjust his sitting postion and not get tangled.

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I looked on that site but it doesnt look like they are available in the States 😞

The site I posted was the international link try this one….......

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Those are some great pictures!
Were you in a dog park in those pics?

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Cool harness…it almost looks like he's ready to go skydiving or something (with how fancy the harness is 🙂 LOL

haha…. don't give me any ideas +}

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Is it supposed to be used with a seatbelt in a car?

That is one reason I got it…. however it's not specifically designed for that.
The handle is for lifting purposes.


It is really neat looking, but looks like a lot of harness just for walking and too much to wear around the house, (mine are nudists at home) so piques my curiosity as to the many purposes it might have?

I agree…... We just use a collar for walks(and sometimes a backpack). He's wearing it in the house simply because I wanted to get some descent picture. As you can tell by the expression on his face the complexity/bulkiness of it speaks nothing for the comfort.
The two main jobs for the harness are seatbelt and bike rides. We have a leash law here that seems to be broken more then not. So sometimes he will get charged....... being one to flight and not fight sometimes we come to abrupt stops on the bicycle. So I chose this harness because
1 It was originally made for rescue dogs. Rescue dogs have to be lifted into hellicopters, over huge logs, etc. so the weight distribution of this harness had to be and is second to none.
2 First hand.... I've seen my dog escape a run of the mill harness. Along with the overall design the strap behind his ribcage keeps that from happening. Making it bulkier but actually safer If we have to come to a sudden hault. The third strap also plays a part in distributing the pull force. Injury Free Emergency Stops!! YESssssssssss

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The good news is good news 😃 There is a store about 10 km from here!

That's great man….
Just so you know.... if you care to have the brand new redesigned 2008 model be sure it's just that....the dealer might have the old models.

I heard the old model was good too so it's really a matter of if you wanna save some money.
A good safety feature of the new one however is a big plus..... Reflective trimming. Compare below.

New Harness

Old Harness

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I love the first picture. And i LOVE the harness, but Medjai hates all harnesses, on him or not.

Yea the first one is my fav. as well. That's why it's at the top=}

Decker hated the first harness/backpack I ever put on him….
the comfort level of the backpack was poor. I mean the first day I took him on a walk with it he bucked like a wild stallion. Needless to say that walk didn't last long..... spending $30-$40 on it I wasn't about to toss it in the trash. So what I did was gradually got him accustom to it by

1st having it next to a treat during treat time so he would begin to come towards the backpack when he saw it instead of avoiding it.

2nd A couple days later after he seemed content with it. I held him and put the back pack on while petting him, giving him a treat to make it a positive experience. Now that it was on he just kinda stood there. So treats in hand I went on the other side of the room called him.... knowing a treat was waiting for him he came farily quickly considering.
..... I repeated this for a week or so around the house before taking him outside in it.

After 2 weeks of using it you know what he does when he sees me pulling out the backpack...... He jumps off the couch, runs straight to me and sits because he knows we are about to go for a run.

I just wish I knew about Ruff Wear backpacks before I purchased the one I have. Oh well at least I have their fantastic Harness.

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Nice pictures.

Are those harnesses also for sale in Europe?? What kind of brand is it?

Thanx….. to everyone for the picture complements

Good News and Bad News
Their website doesn't "process international orders anymore"….

Go to the website above select your country and it will list all the ruff wear dealers in your area. Even if you're not close to one of them I'm sure you could call them and have one shipped your way. Just be sure to measure twice and buy once.:)

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Mark has 2 leopard geckos & I have only held them a handfull of times because the second time I did one of them jumped out of my hands & onto the floor from me standing! It was like lizard suicide!!! I was so upset [of course he ended up fine] but I only hold them now when I am sitting & still, it's a rare event. Haha. Ours are named big boy & Andrea [after Outkast…]

Haha just two dope boys in a cadillac…... berrraawwwiiiinnnn berrraaawiiinnnn.

Please tell me you own a cadillac ????

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lol if uromastyx means bearded dragon….........

They are different lizards. They are around the same size…. and roughly look similiar. I get them confused. Pictures below for comparison.......


…..... he was the low life drug addict, hes okay now ................

If you're refering to Marijuana when you say "drug addict" I've got to correct you.
You can not become chemically dependent on marijuana… you can with ALCOHOL, Prescreption Pills, cocaine, heroine, etc.
..... and if it was something that falls under this category I apologize for assuming. Also please keep that to yourself I don't want to pry into your business. Just want to pass on what I know.

Mali Uromastyx..... /

Reef..a 🙂 the bearded dragon….. /

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Everything is great about it….. one feature I really appreciate is the spandex behind the loops(see pic below). In older harness being too tight or too loose it was hard to find the sweet spot. The spandex allows the loops to stretch out giving him that extra room when he sits, lays down, stretches, etc.

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Rocky's normal face.. lol he hates being bothered when hes having "daddy time" :p
&& introducing the newest member of the family… REEF!:D

Haha….. that is one pissed off puppy.

The lizard is a uromastyx right???
I mean I have to ask is Reef short for what I think it's short for?

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The harness has all ready proved itself far and beyond my expectations.

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The Harness just came out 04-02-08 thought I'd share some pics.

P.S. I'll be happy to share more pics, Information, anything…........

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I say there's no doubt the limb sticking up in the air to the left of the blonde dog is the lower half of a human leg. When someone pointed it out and I took a second look…...I can't lie after the initial shock I laughed simply because the dogs are eating it so casually. I have read and seen that in India they have Creamation houses in the middle of neighborhoods and basically anywhere else you can think of. They treat the dead a lot more casually then we do, however I guess this body didn't get completley creamated.

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