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I love the snow pix. Beautiful B's!!!!
Here in Florida, we have no snow (but we're really enjoying the cooler temperatures finally!)
Here's Mojo laughing at the thought of snow. (I caught him mid-yawn and it looks pretty scary.)

0_1544664996858_Mojo Laugh 6-2018.jpg

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Great pix! He's a cutie.

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Basenji mixes are wonderful, extrordinary, beautiful dogs. Please love them too!

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It takes time. Work with him. I take my rescue b to a dog park where we walk on trails. He was 3.5 yrs old when I adopted him and we worked on recall. After 3 years, we are at the point where he walks well on leash (even a flexi leash!) and off leash (but never in an unfenced area). He stays near me in the park off leash and comes when he is called even when other dogs are getting aggressive. It is such a joy to whistle for him when I can't see him, and he comes racing towards me at full speed! It's beautiful to see.

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Zaki sounds smart and slents sounds like a wonderful b-slave already!

Trade is a great tool. Love it.

Here are some things my current b boy came "pre-loaded" with that I really appreciate - you might want to work with Zaki:
"Look at Me" - this is so helpful when you want to get your b to focus on you and not something distracting. When I feed him, he must first sit and then look at me after I put the bowl down. He has to look at me and wait until I tell him "okay". This can be helpful when you want his attention - like passing another dog on leash or while at the vet.

Not to bolt from an exterior door. I've never before had a b (after owning 3 and fostering 59) who didn't try to bolt (run/escape) thru an open door. Mojo is pretty good, but I will NEVER trust him completely.

Recall. From the beginning, I have made "come" a happy/good/rewarding behavior. We often visit an off leash dog park with winding trails. I keep treats in my hand and have a special whistle that makes him come flying back to me to get a treat. We started close in and then extended the distance. It is ever SO cool to see him racing back to me at full speed with a smile on his face. Again, I'd NEVER trust him off leash, but should an emergency happen, he's more likely to return when called. Sometimes, at the park, I hide from him and then call him. It's a fun game and way better than chasing a b!

Does anyone have other favorite things they've taught their basenji?

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Rebel's adorable! She looks like a miniature schnauser mix to me. It doesn't matter what she is - enjoy her! She's lucky to have found her way to a loving home.

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P.S. Bless you for sticking with a tough shelter dog.
I'm not an administrator of this forum, but I don't see why you couldn''t be here to share, learn and participate regardless of the basenjiness of your furkid.

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My condolences to those who recently lost furkids.

I am guessing that KhaiPan would not be interested in a puppy because of being at work all day. Doggie daycare is a good idea, but costly (also, you have to be careful it is a good fit for Max) . Another thought would be to consider adopting an older (tolerant) adult dog (of any breed) from a shelter or rescue group to keep Max company.

I hope he's okay. So sorry for your loss.

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After fostering over 50 b's and owning 4 of my own, I have to agree that they are all different. Some are better problem solvers, more dextrous, more destructive, etc. than others. It's best not to spend any money until you get to know your new boy. Simple things like the the stuffed toilet paper roll, plastic grocery bag tied to the end of a string attached to a stick (I use the wand from window blinds) and a stuffed kong are all good to start with. You will have many years to spoil your b in the future...

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The eyes! The ears! The neck! The expression! The wrinkles! The markings!
He's got it all going on~
He's just gorgeous!
I'll bet he's a lot of fun too.

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A biting basenji is never acceptable, but as many people have already pointed out, any aggression must be dealt with properly based on the circumstances.

In this instance, the basenji is only 5.5 months old and was trying to get to an EXTREMELY exciting and enticing "prize" (the cat). The person who got bit (no broken skin! that's important) is the cat's owner (with a probable built-in bias against her sister's basenji pup - sorry - no offense intended). I used to have 3 basenjis who would go nuts on leash if they saw another dog or huntable critter. They would bite anything (including eachother) in the heat of their excited frustration. I am thinking the nip described by Jujubeans was likely done in frustration. I hope Jujubeans can forgive the basenji pup's indiscretion and not hold a grudge.

Dogs are instinctive hunters. A table top is NOT a safe escape place for a cat running from an excited/determined dog of any breed or age. It is better to avoid a bad situation rather than be caught in one: set up a baby gate with a cat door wired in such a way to alow only the cat into a safe room, or, simply never allow the pup to run free around the cat. Cats and basenjis can get along - sometimes it just takes a long time, lots of patience and common sense.

Be proactive, not just reactive. You've got to be quick and smart to outwit a b-pup.

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Your sense of humor will serve you well as an excellent basenji slave.

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I once had a dog who walked through a newly tarred road. I soaked his feet in a bowl of vegetable oil and it took the tar off like magic, maybe it would work on pine sap.

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I fostered lots of basenjis over the years and I could never tell who was going to get along with who until they got together. I wish you a successful hunt!!!

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Don't ever forget that YOU should always remain the pack leader. The b's should look to you as all powerful, fair and consistent - never angry. Be proactive, but do respect their pack order and don't try to change it. Sometimes, puppies can annoy an older dog, but since your guy is only 2, he'll probably look at this pup as a new toy! Good advice from eeeefarm to get them together on neutral ground. Keep them walking and once they can sniff and walk in near proximity of each other, you can let them do the same in the back yard. Before bringing the new guy home, pick up all items (chew toys, beds, bowl of food, etc.). Boys will squabble and usually forget, Girls seem to hold a grudge longer than boys.

Be prepared for hours of entertainment, watching these two play!

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Thank you for a beautiful memorial to a special basenje. The photos tell it all.
You will see Jengo in the corner of your eye around home and familiar places. It will hurt a lot for a long time. Getting another basenji will help, but don't do it too soon. I can't imagine owning any other breed.
It always helped me to remember that my b will be waiting over the bridge for me.

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@zande I'm glad to hear you're recovering from your surgery and get back to dog walking duties. Don't overdo it!

I realize most people hate flexi leashes, and I understand why. However for me I can make it work. I used to walk 3 basenjis on flexies. If you're not extremely and constantly vigilant, it can be a disaster. It also depends on where you're walking and whether or not you have the kind of flexi that has the thick Ribbon or the tiny, thin leg cutting cord. I have scars behind my knees from when I was a beginner. I'm sure this has already been discussed ad nauseam on this forum and I don't want to beat a dead horse. That being said, most people should not use a Flexi.

@JENGOSMonkey When I first adopted my b, he was super reactive to stimuli like other dogs and animals. He would spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. You have to be quick to stop him before he reacts. Even with the Gentle Leader.. Be proactive and anticipate what could happen. Make him look at you, sit or whatever you can do to get his attention off the other thing and on you. Believe it or not, he will improve. It just takes a little time, patience, consistent, gentle leadership and pawsitive reinforcement. Work on the recall. I can't say that enough. If you see a squirrel before he does, head in the other direction, call his name, make him come to you and make a big deal out of how good he was to come to you. When walking past other dogs, make a negative sound like tsch or unh unh and command him to "walk nice". Try to catch him walking nice and tell him what a good boy he is. "What a nice walk!" Try to catch him doing well and praise the desired behavior. My Moj literally strutts when I praise him for walking nice. It's so cute.

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"You can try mixing lavender oil with another oil (ie not straight) as many dogs hate it."

Great! I'll try that. Thanks!

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Good news. After finishing a 14 day course of antibiotics, using antifungal/antibacterial wipes, and a switch in food, Mojo's toes are almost back to normal.
Fingers (and toes) crossed that whatever he had doesn't come back.
(The comment about dogs thinking bitter apple is a great basting sauce was cute. )
0_1529958934647_Mojo's toes 21 Jun 2018 sm.jpg

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For rainy days when Mojo refuses to go out, I carry him down the block (under an umbrella) and when I put him down, he heads straight home, usually stopping to potty at least once on the way back (during which time I hold the umbrella over him). Has he got me trained or what?!?
With my former pack, I bought a small kiddie wading pool with pine straw in it to keep on the covered porch. They never used it to potty, but it made me feel like I at least offered a solution.
Tummy rubs to Rebel.

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