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Two yr old having seizures is pretty young, so hopefully its something that can be cured now and not genetic.

Our 8yr old male started having seizures 4 years ago, from once every 3 months to twice a week at the peak. We have done all kinds of tests with very little telling results as to what was causing them and tried both the western and the natural medicine, raw/home cooked diet and acupuncture until we found a combination that worked. Regular seizure occurrences have stopped since we had him on the latest combo of meds for the past 12 months.

He had a mild one a few months back triggered by a smoke alarm in the house, which would cause a lot of stress and seizure in a non epileptic dog. Current meds have taken a few months to settle in and do make him a bit wobbly, but not as much as Phenobarbitol typically prescribed by the vets for epileptic dogs. Otherwise he is active, affectionate dog and has great appetite.

The meds we are giving him now are 100mg Zonisomide + 250mg Keppra + CBD pill twice a day after meals. It does vary from dog to dog, so the dosage is something you have to gradually work out with your vet.

Below is a great resource I found for connecting with other folks dealing with canine epilepsy. This is where I learned about Zonisomide and Keppra, not even brought up by our vet at the time. We first replaced Phenobarbitol with Zonisomide and that helped reduce the wobbliness and fog he was in while taking it, but not reduce the seizure occurrence. Keppra is what helped stop seizures completely.

Our approach was to first do all the tests (thyroid, diabetes) and try eliminating obvious triggers of seizures, such as food additives (only organic kibble, no corn fillers and home cooked), house chemicals (carpet cleaners, floor cleaners all natural), reduce stress factors and excessive exercise, no essential oils or shampoos. Tea tree and rosemary oil are known to cause seizures and can be found in many dog products.

When that did not help we went for natural medicine such as acupuncture, chinese herbs and various anti-seizure supplements. That helped slightly, but seizures continued and we then tried Phenobarbitol, it slowed down the seizures, but the dog was like a vegetable and then we finally took him of it and put him on Zonisomide and then added Keppra. To snap him out of a seizure in progress we use a CBD tincture, which we squirt into his mouth while is having one and he usually snaps out of it right away. Then give him a bit of ice cream.

Now he is a lot better, but there is always a chance that seizures will come back, so we are taking it day by day. He is eating good food, taking meds at the regular time, regular but non excessive exercise, vet checkups every 6 months and lots of attention.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Thanks, purchased Fastrack last week and both seem to eat with no issues. I am giving them 1/4 teaspoon with breakfast. Also a teaspoon of plain lowfat yogirt. So far no noticeable changes.

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Hi, I appreciate you bringing this up. All the spammers have been cleaned up and are gone now. Looks like they found a way around the current spam protection, I will look into updating the spam filter settings. Meanwhile please keep flagging them.

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Chance had his vet visit. No mites, blood work came back fine. Vet said it's a particularly bad allergy season for all dogs in the area and prescribed some steroid cream which seems to help.

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Welcome, glad to have you as a part of our community!

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Thanks everyone for suggestions. We have been feeding both Chance and Kiya 4 times a day instead of 2, and it seems like Chance has less of the hard swallowing and tooting, but its still there. It will probably take a bit of time to go away. We now feed 1/4 cup in the morning, 1/4 cup in the early afternoon, 1/4 cup dinner and 1/4 cup before bed. Will try pepcid next.

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Great looking basenjis.

0_1466273194319_2016-05-15 07.21.00 (2).jpg

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We have two older basenjis now and a cat. We put away anything that can be destroyed and they roam the house while we are at work. When they were younger we used to crate them, but that was too stressful for them.

Would not recommend the doggie door, basenjis are escape artists and we always superwise them while they are playing in the backyard.


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We use rocco and roxie enzyme based pet odor & stain for dog and cats pee. We spray it on our hardwood floors and it works great. There's nothing in it that should harm the wood or stain or seal. Just don't let it sit on there for a long time.

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