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Thanks, purchased Fastrack last week and both seem to eat with no issues. I am giving them 1/4 teaspoon with breakfast. Also a teaspoon of plain lowfat yogirt. So far no noticeable changes.

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Chance is 11 and Kiya is 10 and both have been thinning out lately. I understand that comes with age. We started giving them more food in the middle of the day, as they seemed to be always hungry from the morning and night feeding.

Are there any other good foods or supplements that are good to give to senior basenjis to fatten them up a bit. Their appetite is not an issue, if they could, they would be eating all day long until their stomach explodes.

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Chance is 11 now has been tooting a lot lately and we don't seem to be able to find the source. His poop has been solid for many years since we got him on Acana grasslands. I do add fishoil and warm water to his kibble every morning, but I don't think its that.

What probiotics do you all use?

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@eeeefarm good point. Will try the setup training.

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Chance got into a habit of unrolling and eating toilet paper in the house, which we are able to somewhat control by closing the bathroom door. On the street though, he darts towards any kind of white paper napkins on the street and swallows them immediately. I have to pull them out of his mouth at least twice every time we go for a walk. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Chance, people just throw their used paper napkins on the street instead of the garbage bin. I started taking treats with me on the walks and rewarding him, when he avoids the napkin, so far with subpar results.

Any ideas on how to stop that behavior?

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Chance had digestions problems for a long time and we tried everything, including home cooked meals, honest kitchen you name it. What ended up working is Acana Grasslands, which he has been on for a few years with no issues.

To help with coat, I give them a tablespoon of coconut oil daily.

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Hi @roojuice, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your pup is having issues with his ears. Chance had similar hair loss issue on the tips of his ears, but I believe it was seasonal allergy related as it has stopped for a few months now and he has regained hair in some spots, where others seem to be permanently damaged.

Here is the thread from 5 months ago.

We did full thyroid panel, swipes for mites all of which produced nothing. So we ended up using topical ear cream for a few weeks prescribed by the doctor, then vitamin E oil on the ears and a spoon of unprocessed coconut oil with each meal for the last 4 month. Chance is not itching his ears anymore and has regained some hair on his ear tips.


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I am giving mine a teaspoon of virgin unprocessed coconut oil with meals and their coats are nice and shiny.

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The other day met a dog trainer in the park, who said that key to his dogs shiny coat is 1 raw egg a week. Anyone feeding raw eggs to their basenji?

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@DebraDownSouth thanks for the reply. Do you do teath cleaning under anesthesia? We have done it with Kiya, but with Chance being susceptive to seizures it's a major concern.

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@funnybunny both Chance and Kiya like yogurt, but it does seem to give them gas, so I only feed it to them once a week mixed with their dry food.

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I purchased the following natural dental chew sticks for Chance and Kiya and they seem to like them more than greenies so far. Looking for more recommendations on the dental chews and also when and how do you give it to them. Chance tends to hoard the chew and then tries to swallow it once he gets through half of it, so I have to take it away before he does.

Halo, Purely for Pets Spot's Chew Natural Edible Dental Treat

PetzLife Natural Dental Chews for Dogs

Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks for Dogs

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We use rocco and roxie enzyme based pet odor & stain for dog and cats pee. We spray it on our hardwood floors and it works great. There's nothing in it that should harm the wood or stain or seal. Just don't let it sit on there for a long time.

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Welcome to the community. I used to walk Chance and Kiya in the rain until they got the point that they have to go outside rain or shine. Only once in a while it becomes a long walk when it's raining, most of the time they go or hold it and ask to go outside. It took years of practice and being persistent.

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to basenji forums community! Looking forward to pictures and stories.

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I have been using Acana for several years with no issues. Both Chance and Kiya still like it. I put a little warm water with their food and fish oil.

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Great looking basenjis.

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