• Kiya's new bed! Such a spoiled princess!

    Lance looking pretty

    AND Kiya looking pretty!

  • Oh, my! What a beautiful bed for a beautiful baby! (Do ya think that tassel's gonna make it for very long?)

  • gbrox,haha yeah i want an updated picture in a couple of days.

    gorgeous gorgeous dogs. they look so curious!

  • Those are great pics!!! They are soooo pretty!

  • Aw! What pretty, pretty dogs, as ususal! Love the bed!

  • You have two beautiful dogs. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  • Very nice, my wife told me she had the pleasure of meeting Lance, he is a handsome lad. Two beautiful B/W basenji's…...thanks for sharing!;)

  • She definately looks worthy of having princess status. And he looks very deserving of the prince status as well.

  • Thanks 🙂 Actually Kiya is being good and isn't chewing on the bed. Lucky for me Lance hasn't found it yet! (we've had the bed a couple of weeks now). Kiya is definately the Princess, Lance is more like the Jester! LOL He's at the bottom of the pack after our Collie who we call the Grand Duchess of the house because she's so noble looking!

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