Hi all from Cambria and her owners

  • Hello everyone…as of 11/20/10..Christopher and I are the proud owners of a Basenji..we adopted her from a shelter the other day..she is 9 months old and was just spayed. Her name is Cambria..very, very friendly dog..and her mischevious sides are already starting to emerge. Due to the fact that she was recently spayed, i will assume with her frequent urination on the floor..this is the cause..i don't want to count out possible UTI..but being such a fresh surgery..i will have to keep an eye on it..she also does her #2 business outside so i'm hoping this is only temporary..but if this should not be the case, I've heard crating is the best approach..being that you others already have a Basenji or more...what is your advice..and what have you found to be great, hardy toys for them..she found the toilet paper roll today..of course my fault..but trying to create good habits..not bad ones 🙂

    I hope to post pictures in the near future..and I will be checking back here often. I'm not a new dog owner..only to this breed..and as we all know..different dogs, breeds, bring..different personalities..ty for all your help and insight in advance..be talking to you soon!!

    Robin/Christopher 🙂

    Please note..I failed to mention Cambria isn't a purebred..it was inferred she has a touch of Australian Cattle dog in her blood. Btw, if I'm not mistaken..is there a genetic test that can be administered to determine this?

  • Hello! I'm in Tx as well. I crate my Basenji (and my chiweenie for that matter.) I think it gives them a den/safe spot.

    Nayru can deconstruct any toy so far. The best one has been one of those loofah dog toys from PetSmart. That only just got destuffed. 🙂 I just pick up fuzz a lot.

    She loves her beef bone for gnawing on as well.

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