Lets play soccer!

every time i come home from work- my B gets excited to see me(of course!) ..and always goes and gets his plush soccer ball(which i got him at an early age)– he has many toys around the house but he will ALWAYS! go for that plush soccer ball and bring it to me--was wondering if he was trying to tell me something, aside being his favorite toy?... does he associate this as a ritual before i take him out?

Also- hes taken a habit of becoming a wood pecker and nip at me as game play= which i don't find amusing..but tolerant to it...is this something common or a bad habit?


By B Sonny greets me at the door every day with his stuffed toy in his mouth waiting to play fetch when I get through the door. We do this for about 5 or 6 tosses and then he paws at me until I sit down on the living room floor and pet & cuddle him…:rolleyes: and when I say paw at me I mean nonstop until he gets what he wants..but I actually enjoy these moments when I get home so 😉

I like the mouth play, but if you don't find it amusing you need to stop it. The moment the pecking/nip begin, walk away saying NO MOUTH. (or no teeth or no pecking, whatever, just be consistent). You will find your dog is very intelligent and will soon learn that it doesn't get what he wants.

As for the pawing… drives me nuts. Arwen is a poker, not pawer. I hate it. Poke, poke, poke in a true jabbing motion.


As for the pawing… drives me nuts. Arwen is a poker, not pawer. I hate it. Poke, poke, poke in a true jabbing motion.

I find the pawing and poking extremely entertaining. Jake was playing with a little bichon frise yesterday who was a little nippy. When she growled at Jake he reacted to it by poking her in the face and walking off. The whole sequence of events was hilarious.

my b greets me with excitement and her stuffed ball as well. we give her pats and then she bugs us to play fetch with her. so we do. then lots more cuddles.

i think the pawing/poking is funny too. in our doggie play group theres a dog that doesnt like Hope so much (its a little fussy dog). instead of leaving it alone like the others she'll play play play with the other dogs, get closer to it and then go over to it and bat it with her paws or poke it as she goes past. Hopes new nick name at playgroup: Sh!t stirrer! lol (excuse the language)

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