Sebastians breeder is pamela baldwin

  • finally figured out how to use the akc website and thanks to robyn giving me some info i was able to view sebastians pedigree on line
    his sisters name is bailey VI
    so am wondering if anyone has heard of pamela baldwin?
    she is sebastians breeder assume she is a puppy miller?
    wondering if anyone knows anything about her dogs having fanconi etc etc?
    sebastians parents were son of charlie and samples creek worfs alotan.
    seems to be a lot of burks dogs in his pedigree
    a few serengeti
    and bobby bear is mentioned a few times

    4 generations back lots of champs a few in the third then none after that, kind of interesting the way that works

    so any info on his background/ breeder would be great
    id appreciate being able to fill in the last missing pieces of sebastians background 🙂
    oh yes by the way quite interesting videos online of hunte kennel distributors was very disturbed to think that as a puppy sebastian was subjected to the things the puppies in the videos were subjected to
    so thanks for any help 🙂

  • samples creek kennel was the name of her place in missouri usda inspected her and the conditions at the kennel were not good
    wondering how i find out if any one in his pedigree has fanconi or was tested?

  • AS the test has only been out a couple yrs, doubt any were tested and it was up to the owners to report the fanconi if they even knew what it was, doubtful. Just get your dog tested and you will know if you have to monitor him if he turns up to be affected. I have one of my grandkids that is affected and he will be 16 this month, still not spilling sugar.

  • thanks for the advice 🙂

  • I am familiar with Pam Baldwin of Edgar Springs, MO. If you want to look up her dogs in the Pedigree Database, search under Sample and Sampcre as these are the kennel registration names she used for her kennel Sample Creek.

    I am also familiar with Ruth Burks of Cabool, MO. She is/was an old time USDA licensed breeder. She also uses the kennel name Dirty Shame Ranch Kennel. She supposedly also had greyhounds and had a greyhound track/practice at her place. She has/had been in Bs a long time. I do not know if she is still breeding Bs. In 2008 she had 117 adult dogs and 21 pups according to a USDA inspection report.


  • so safe to assume sebastian was born in a puppy mill went thru huntes distribution center and then ended up in a pet store

    be nice when laws are passed to put these people out of business

    its strange the way 4 generations back you get all champions then in just a few generations the puppies that were bred by reputable breeders end up being used for breeding in puppy mills

  • It looks like Pam Baldwin might have gotten out of breeding for a time as her current USDA breeder license shows a start date of February 8, 2006 and is current through February 8, 2011. In May 2008 at one USDA inspection, she had 276 adult dogs and 85 puppies.


  • thats disgusting

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