Valentino breeder in missouri sebastian ?

  • sebastian is going home tomorrow
    trying to get info on his breeder. he was a puppy mill dog from missouri and the only thing his owner remembers is that the father of sebastian was listed on the litter registration as valentino
    i know its a long shot but hoping someone has some idea of who the breeder was?
    sebastian was born in 2001
    thanks for any info

  • If it was registered as Valentino, there is an AKC registered B with that name. It was born 12-15-94 and is a male and is red & white. I do not know if this is the same dog though. Your Valentino could be registered under another registry like APRI, ACA, CKC, UABR, etc. According to the AKC it has only one littermate who was registered and that is Cambria's Tambour.

    It is my understanding that someone in CA had used the kennel name of Cambria recently and is not the same breeder that used the original kennel name of Cambria in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Someone on this forum who lives in CA can correct me if I am mistaken.

    If the owner thinks this may be the sire of his dog, he can order a 5 generation online pedigree from AKC for $12.00. It would have the breeder of Valentino on it. It would not have who bred him and to what female and the offspring.

    Does he have any other information about his dog? I presume he lost or misplaced the paperwork that came with his dog when he bought it at the petstore. How does he know the breeder is from MO? Does he have the breeder's name? If so, one could look it up in the USDA database, if the breeder is still breeding and selling to petstores and has a USDA license. The dealer/broker Hunte Corp. is based in MO but it buys pups from breeders from other states. I would guess the states could be MO, AR, OK, KS, IA, and NE. These are the big commercial dog breeding states but he could have come from another state besides these though.

    I am not familiar with a B with the name of Valentino and I have seen a lot of commercial breeding dogs' pedigrees. Perhaps someone else in rescue is familiar with him.


  • hi there
    the owner said she remembered that the papers they received from the pet store listed the father of sebastian as valentino, this was in early 2002.

    i got the info on the breeder being from missouri from hunte kennel distributors, they said they were not allowed to give out the breeders name but the woman said she thought they were out of business and they were based in missouri

    im just curious as to where sebastian came from,
    i have his litter registration number, his birthdate
    the number of puppies in his litter, the woman from hunte said he was the runt of the litter.
    but its seems that none of this is enough to figure out his pedigree or who bred him, so was hoping for help from someone here 🙂

  • oh yes he was registered akc according to hunte kennel distributors

  • I assume the owners did not register him with the AKC. If you post his registration number, I could look on the AKC website to see if any of his littermates were registered. What is his DOB? Back then most of the Bs that I saw were AKC registered and the other registries were not as popular and probably some of them did not exist yet. At that time Hunte might have only accepted AKC registered pups or paid more for them than if they were registered with another registry.

    I am surprised that Hunte did not reject him because of his size-being a runt. Although that might have helped him sell quicker if he was smaller at the petstore for his age.


  • hi
    thank you so much
    his akc litter registration number was HM989655
    he was born dec 14 2001 breeder was in mo usda licensed there were 4 males and 3 females in his litter
    he may have been a runt then but he was 29 lbs when he left with his family yesterday and he was a beautiful boy
    i so appreciate your taking the time to do this 🙂

  • I was bored so I looked up the info.

    It looks like only 1 puppy in that litter was registered with the AKC.

    Bailey VI
    red/white female

    The HM denotes breed (currently HP is being used), the first 6 numbers is the litter number, and the last 2 numbers are unique to each puppy in the litter. A litter with 7 puppies will have the numbers HM98965501-HM98965507.

    Parentage is not listed publically in the AKC database and Bailey VI is not in Sally's pedigree database. You can order a pedigree from the AKC using Sebastian's litter number or you can do the online pedigree research using Bailey VI's info since they are siblings and the ancestry is the same.

  • hi thanks so much! i tried to figure out how to do it myself last night and just couldnt get anywhere i must have spent an hour and just couldnt figure out the akc site
    can you tell me how to do the pedigree research using bailey VIs info ?
    id really like to know who bred sebastian and who his parents were
    i appreciate all the help

  • hi started a new post with the info on sebastians breeder pamela baldwin at samples creek kennel
    thanks so much for the info about bailey 🙂

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