Maya Group 4 at South Wales


Maya did really well at the weekend, got Best of Breed at South Wales Championship Show and her first time in the group was awarded Group 4 against some very very successful and well known dogs :eek: I was rather shocked to say the least :rolleyes:

Anyway, here's a picture taken afterwards, ignore me, i look gormless :o

(Click on "Editorial", the first thumbnail, then Maya's the first one on the second row 🙂 )

I had to search a bit but it was worth it… Maya looks great!! Congrats!

You look great too, so happy!

Congratulations! And great pic!

Congratulations Maya and Jess, great news!


Lovely pic Jess & well done to you both:D

Congratulations Maya and Jess. It's a lovely pic of you both

Nice Picture and congrats to both of you!

Many congrats to wonderful win :D. And you both looks great girls ;).

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