• Sometimes its not so great.

    Recently Shaun injured the pad on the backside of his front leg (above the foot). We are not sure what happened. He received a gash on this pad while playing. To keep poor Shaun from bothering the wound he either had to wear a bandage or the dreaded neck cone. All dogs hate the "cone of shame." The injury is healing but his body language really shows how wild he is about this cone business…

    You will find a sad looking video (VIDEO #3) on the bottom of this page:



  • First Basenji's

    Awww.. hope he heals up soon! Bowpi had to have her paw pad bandaged within the first month we adopted her, because her pads were so tender from being seldomly walked, she ripped them on a normal walk one night. Luckily, she didn't try to take it off, so she didn't have to wear a cone. I'm not sure how one would fit on a Basenji anyway, as their necks can be so long and thin. Seems like most cones would be improperly sized for their anatomy.

    The video on your site says "The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain." Can't see it.

    Lately, our poor Shiba has been in and out of his cone, mostly in, due to his neurotic insistence on chewing himself bloody with his allergies/generalized pruritis. We remind him that it's NOT the Cone of Shame, but the Cone of Pride! and Triumph! and he looks so cooool with his special accessory. Maybe it helps them grow accustomed to it faster if you pretend it's the most normal thing in the world, so they don't catch onto your sympathetic vibes. 😉

  • Thanks!

    Sorry to hear about your cone tribulations…

    Can you try the video again? I think I needed to change a setting...

  • First Basenji's

    I see it now! Great (but sad) video. You pick great music to accompany your nicely-edited images.

  • Thanks.

    Shaun is more used to the alternating cone and bandage thing now. The cut needs fresh air to heal which is when he needs to endure the cone. The rest of the time he wears an infant sock with the toe end cut off. A few wraps of athletic tape seems to keep the sock in place.

    This cut (more of a separation of where his pad joins with his leg skin) is healing slowly, but it keeps opening. The vet says this could take a while.

    Basenjis, with all that extra skin on their foreheads, can be very obvious about the moods they are in, aren't they?

  • Have you tried to spay the bandage with "bitter apple"?
    Its suspose to stop dogs from chewing…it works on my dogs, but some folks report their b's think its a treat...would be worth a try.

  • I did try that with the bandage. He is pretty good with the baby sock on. Take the sock off and all he wants to do is lick and nuzzle the pad. The vet does not want Shaun doing that, but wants the pad open to fresh air now. So, he as to endure some cone time.

    Hopefully in a day or two we can all return to "regularly scheduled programming…"

  • Have you tried just leaving it be? Gemma injured the pad above her front foot at the park a while back - I had nothing to put on it, so held a tissue against it until the bleeding stopped. When we got home, Gemma licked it from time to time and I watched to see what would happen - in a few days, it was totally okay again - with no further care - sometimes a dog and the air will heal a small injury. Just sayin'

  • Its healing nicely now, we think. The issue was that when he licks the pad his constant tongue pressure was pulling down on the tear where the pad joins his leg skin. Its a delicate spot really.

    There is a nice scab on the wound now which is a good sign. The worst thing is that he has gone almost a week without playing with Cassie, his best Golden Retriever pal, who lives across the street.

  • I have added a fresh video of Shaun enjoying his recovery this time.

    Actually I was testing out a camera technique I am playing with - its video#4 on the video page…

  • ok. that was really really a hoot. thanks. poor shaun. 😞

  • Great video and choice of audio. I love all of your videos - they really capture Shaun's personality.

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