PB F B at Houston SPCA (TX)-Not on Petfinder

I do not know if she is still available nor do I know anything about her. I do know in the past that the SPCA will take dogs from other shelters usually local if she is not an owner turn-in.

Here are two links:



Her name is Lilly.



She looks adorable..I will talk with brat..

Petra, thank you for contacting BRAT.
I just got home as saw this.
Let me know if I can do anything for you or her.


Sharron I contacted my coordinator for TX but have not heard a word..hmmm..

Petra, we are all non paid, and she might be having other issues, or dog things she is doing.
I would re post to her if you have not heard by tomorrow.
Most of us try very hard to get these dogs into BRAT asap..but I know Texas has a lot
of b's who need help.


Sharron, I did repost so hopefully we will hear something.

I am not sure if the SPCA even works with rescues but it would be good to give a contact in case she gets returned or if the new owners have any problems with her.

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