CA-PB F B-Former Showdog with Underbite

She is 2 years old. Here is her Petfinder page:

I wonder if the breeder, if reputable, has been contacted.


While I have no idea who the breeder might be, looks like the Basenjis that come from Mountain Springs Basenjis in So. California…... And they as far as I know do not take back their pups....

Poor little girl. sigh.

This breaks my heart. A dog garbaged because of an 'underbite'? 😞

So sad. And does nothing to help the reputation of show breeders and owners 😞

Hopefully, BRAT can get her and find her a home where they treasure her!

She is at a rescue but I doubt the rescuer would know if the breeder is reputable or not and whether or not to contact.


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