Beeji had to go back to the vet hospital

  • What a night you had! Hope Beeji is on the mend. I know you've been concerned about the heartworm treatments. I think it's just best that they throw it all up - it get's out all the bad stuff. Can't help to feel bad for him. Take care.

  • Keep us posted. I'll keep you and Beeji in my thoughts.

  • Bella did the bumpy rash and swollen face thing… Some sort of allergic reaction?? She did it several times, but the swollen face only happened the one time! It literally scared me crazy!! She looked horrible with the swollen face!!! I had just left the Vets with her after her spay and she didn't have the rash or swelling, but 10 min later we watched as the bumps just kept popping out!!! then her eye started swelling, then her other one, etc... I was scared she would start having trouble breathing and scooped her up and went back to the vets... She was miserable, scratching and rubbing her face on the floor. We had to get the shot of Benadryl, same as you, etc. The Vet said it couldn't be from his office, tried to say it happened from something that she was exposed to on the way home (a ten minute drive)! But I think it has to be some sort of Lysol product with Bella... I cleaned the house and got the bump reaction twice since the incident and banned Lysol from the house! (I bet that Vet's office had been cleaning with a similar product). She hasn't had an episode since, thank God. I sure hope your baby feels better soon!

  • Thanks everyone for the warm wishes, it is now Saturday and Beeji woke up full of steam! He wolfed his breakfast, headed to the rack where his harness and lead are and then dashed to the front door and back to the rack.

    I think he was trying to tell me something!! LOL

    I finished my breakfast, got on my outdoor clothes, harnessed and leashed Beeji and off we went. Had a good long walk and are now back at home and Beeji is curled up on my bed and all is right with the world!!


  • Hooray! Glad to hear all is back to normal!!

  • Yes, that is great! Maybe he ingested something he is allergic to. I would just try to watch his diet in case he has another episode, that way it could be pinpointed. I am so happy Beeji is feeling better, he's such a cutie! How's the heartworm treatment going?

  • @bellabasenji:

    How's the heartworm treatment going?

    Beeji just went in to the Vet Hospital today for round two of the treatment. I will be able to get him tomorrow afternoon. He so loves the techs out there, that he didn't even look back as they led him off!! I'm glad but also a bit sad! LOL.

    Anyway, they will call me either tonight or in the morning to let me know how he is doing. Now we go back to keeping him as calm as possible. The meds sort of slow him down and he does feel lethargic for several days.

    But so far so good.


  • Will still keep fingers, toes and paws crossed for his speedy recovery. Keep us posted!

  • what a sweetie beeji must be. good luck! get well soon, beeji!

  • Sending out get well wishes to Beeji, prayers and support to you Cheryl Wordweaver…..hang in there.

  • Best of luck to you and Beeji

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