• Hey all,

    here is Johnny (Dogo Habari's Man in Black) at the beginning of July. He still has a long way to go to develop, but I'm very happy with this boy. And yes, he was a little high in the rear at that point.

  • Johnny is handsome boy indeed. How tall is he? He looks big at the second pic.

  • He's actually smaller than he looks. He's only about 16 inches and about 19 lbs. He looks very straight in the front in the second pic, but again, that's not the way he is. His head is pulled up and back in that pic.

  • He's looking nice Arlene. Have you had a chance to show him yet?

  • I have showed him, but he is a typical puppy. He's a goof and just wants to play. He loses to what I call 'robot' dogs. Puppies that are very mature looking and are trained for this sort of thing. I prefer mine to play and have fun the first year and after that, training begins. Jan Bruner was on the fence about putting him up, but, she said he's still so much puppy but will be very, very nice when he's more mature. I will put him in a show in Oct and see how he does. Frankie will be at the same show.

  • I totally agree with you Arlene, about letting puppies be puppies! Mind you I was mortified when one of mine who played up in the ring at her first outing went on to get Best Puppy from amongst several very well trained puppies!

    Lovely pictures, he's certainly a smart little boy!!

  • I absolutely love the looks of this boy, Arlene. He's stunning, probably even more so in person with his puppy attitude.

  • Thank you. He's very much a little boy right now. I am entering him in a couple of upcoming shows, but don't expect anything. It's more of a trial than anything.

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