B m and his 2 mix offspring? in TN shelter

  • Hey, good for you! Those pups are very cute and I hope I can find them fosters… I know they don't have long, but the shelter knows I'm trying. Unfortunately BRAT doesn't foster mixes.

    And wouldn't you know it, their Chihuahua mother has had another litter. How can we win?

  • This is important or I wouldn't be posting on this forum.
    I received word from Jennifer, White County Animal Shelter:

    I just got a call from Mike at the shelter. He needs the dogs moved yesterday. He is euthanizing monday. Please help them.



    Another email this evening: I am not sure if they took him [male p/b Basenji]or not… i was just told today that if i could not get a bunch moved he was gonna have to euth on mon. He picked up 14 today and has another 18 to pickup monday... please help what you can.

  • What a shame, they are very adoptable little dogs. Who wouldn't want a 'toy' basenji? Some small county shelters just don't have any room, by the time anyone hears about the dogs, their time is up. Very sad, hopefully they will get out today.

  • The BRAT member who pulled the purebred will pull the pups tomorrow. I found a home for the female in OH, I'll find someplace for the male…

  • Bless your heart! I was planning to adopt the female because I couldn't stand the thought of her being PTS. I have ten dogs (five seniors) and foster for a rescue organization. Little Ree was welcome here, but I'm happy you have located a home. I'm relieved. I'll call the shelter and leave another message for Mike that I'm happy with the outcome.

    Joanne, I left a message for you on your board.

  • Indiana is doing really well! He is very shy but warms up quickly. He is very easy going, and gets along great with my female B and male Bmix. He is house trained and crate trained, which is a big plus. His stool sample came back with hook worms, so we started him on dewormer today. He gets his vaccines and HW test Saturday, and neutering the following friday. He is going to make a great family pet for someone, he is so cute!

  • And his 2 "kids" were pulled today!

  • I am so glad to know this. Thanks to the wonderful people that rescue animals.:D

  • Bless all of you rescue folks, and those who worked so dilligently to help these three little souls.

  • Bless you all for helping the babies! They are very cute! Please keep us updated.

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