FL-Miami-Possible B Mixes in Shelter

These are possible B mixes at the Miami-Dade Animal Services and here are their Petharbor webpages:

5 month old brindle female-B/Terrier mix


7 year old tri female-B/Chi/Terrier mix


2 year old brindle male-B/Min Pin/Terrier mix


2 year old black female-B/Terrier/Lab mix-Shelter has her listed as Lab mix


All dogs at this shelter are urgent and can be euthanized at anytime. Please contact the shelter for information. I do not know if any of these dogs are still available.

There is a Facebook page for Urgent Dogs of Miami.


I sure wish someone could go down and look at these dogs. A couple of them sure look like the could be poorly bred b's. IMO.

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