• I was surfing rescue sites tonight and followed a link that ended up on basenjis in Oodle. I was surprised to see so many puppies there. I thought basenjis had their pups from Nov-Jan.

    Some of these are b-mixes and some are adults but there are quite a few pups.

    Then there are some ads for "free basenjis" like this one:

    I thought by looking at BRAT and Petfinder and BCOA breeders I would know about Bs available. Now I am wondering how many other sites are out there.

    I live in Ohio and recently learned my state is one of the worst for puppy mills. How can we find out if puppy mills in our state (or town) are producing basenjis?


  • Some of the pups are leftover from the winter season but I noticed that there were some that were from a summer litter.

    There were some breeders in Southern OH-mostly CKC-Continental Kennel Club registry but I think they may have gotten out of the business as they sold some of their dogs to an Amish breeder/dealer. He sold 6 of his male pups a few years ago and they went into rescue. One tested probably Fanconi affected. Earlier this year, there were some Bs that were listed for sale at the Amish auction in OH. I did not attend this auction so I do not know if they were actually sold. There is a breeder in Gallipolis as I just saw the ad-rare colors, barkless, inside or outside dogs, shedless, CKC-which I assume means Continental Kennel Club. I do not know of any other BYBs in OH and I am not sure if any Amish breeders still have Bs.

    The number of USDA licensed breeders/dealers in OH has increased dramatically since about 2003. The inspection reports are now available online. I believe the best way is to do a google search on animal care and it should bring up the USDA website. You will need to search under Publications Reports and Updates and then it is under Reports. You can also search for the lists of the facilities in the same area. It is not an easy website to find information.

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