• I have never done agility but it looks like such fun. Hubby bought me a tunnel with chute and zoe took to it right away, within 10 minutes she was running through it no problem. Chief took a little longer but now seems to love it. Today hubby built a pvc jump using plans off the internet. Zoe is a jumper when I get home from work she jumps up into my arms and seems to love taking jumps. Chief on the other hand thinks it's too much work to even jump up on the couch or bed but with a little work today he finally seemed to be catching on. So now I have them running through the hoop and taking one jump. Eventually hubby wants to build most of the equipment. He wants to make the weave poles next but is there any order to introducing each new piece of equipment. Should I start with something else next? We dont plan to compete I just wanted something that would be fun for both the dogs and my family. Any tips would be appreciated.

  • you know, when I started taking agility classes, it was just for fun, just to see what would happen, wasn't anticipating on actually competing with my dog. I'd say find a class and see where things go. It's really the best way to safely introduce your dog to obstacles. Of course now, 12 years later I'm sort of a basenji-agility junkie. So, it can be addicting.

    My hubby also enjoys building agility equipment, even bought and learned to use a welder.

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