• okay, so my mom was on a puppy list and the breeding did not work out.
    here is what she wants
    red and white bitch
    akc full registered
    beautiful and sweet
    doesnt sound too hard eh? well nothing has worked out! i wanted to suprise her because she was heartbroken, but most breeders here do not want their dogs leaving the area and there are virtually no breeders where she is. i have looked at the puppyfinding sites and it is just too shady. (i am very anti using dogs for profit!) i kept hoping something would come up but no luck. the breeder said she would be first on the list for next year but she is very heartbroken. 😞 mom has two basenjis and used to breed and show a long time ago (like the 70s and 80s) she has had several champions. anybody have an idea?

  • When you say you wanted to surprise your mom, do you mean that you were going to get a puppy for her as a surprise or that you were going to surprise her by finding a breeder for her?

  • I don't know any responsible breeder that will place a puppy as a "surprise gift". There are far too many things that really need to be discussed between owner and breeder before a puppy goes to a new home to ensure that both puppy and owner are the right match.

    If your planned surprise is to find your mom a responsible breeder that may have a puppy available then you should probably start at the BCOA website, http://www.basenji.org

  • suprise her with a breeder with a possible puppy with be ideal. some of the dogs we have had in the past available on zande pedigree search
    Am Ch Shining Shayla of the Nile
    Am Ch Isis of the Nile
    Am Ch Tigger of the Nile
    Am Ch Starfyre of the Nile
    Full Moon's Freela of the Nile (did not champion but was pointed)
    currently living with mom
    Am Ch Undercover's Viva Las Vegas
    Am Ch Undercover's You are my Sunshine

    the pup list she was on was also undercover's
    her dogs are gorgeous but are both tris!

  • If your mom just wants a pet now, not to show, I'd contact Undercover and ask if instead of pup if maybe she has an older pup that didn't work out for show. Ditto on the Basenji club web page. Also ask Undercover about her line, not just her pups… she has a LOT of dogs out there, surely someone has a pup that didn't get a home because something fell through.

    Btw everyone, haven't abandoned the list... just had a lot of personal stuff from dear friend with terminal brain cancer to my 30 yr old niece dying suddenly 2 wks ago... has been a very hard couple of months.

  • oh yes, i keep up with gail. i know she is placing 2 older dogs this year (hopefully together) whoever gets these will be very lucky the girl is spectacular (jsa jsa) SOOO Vocal, i dont know the boy. if she considers seperating them i would love to have her for myself so fender could have a friend. i would have her spayed.
    mom has adults is not breeding them and wants a red puppy. there is a puppy in the works, thanks to this board 🙂 could be as soon as monday! if it happens i will post pics of my extended basenji family 🙂

  • okay so she has found a pup. i have questions about the pedigree. the sire is sirius and the mom is brushyrun and sundiata. i can not get any information from sundiata about their dogs. i tried calling the number on the website…no luck. is anyone familiar with these lines? you can pm me if you would like.

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