Milkshake Anyone?

Do you think she wanted it?



"If i lick the outside of the glass im not actually stealing, but there might still be some chocolatey flavour!" :p

Dieded of starvation 😞

Poor Maya, what kind of person are you to deprive your Basenji of a chocolate sundae??!;)

I know, im a terrible basenji mum 😞 You can tell by the state of her in the last pics, sheer starvation and exhaustion that is. Poor neglected creature 😞

Ooooooooooh that milkshake looks scrummy 😉


Ooooooooooh that milkshake looks scrummy 😉

Scrummy = yummy? 😃 Notice the lab doesn't even approach.

It was very scrummy yummy! I made the best milkshakes 😃 lol

Riley would never dream of stealing food.. Maya will always hang around for any leftovers.

Buddy does the same. He's the only dog at the dog park that jumps up on people that think they have their dog treats hidden. So they give in and ask "is OK if I give him a treat"?

She appears to have low blood sugar. I bet the vet would recommend one milkshake daily, until her levels get back up to normal!;);)

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