• Well my little Vanda is a lady now, having come into season 10 days ago… Thats all fine, BUT im curious as to why Saba is completely disinterested in her, and actually when I think about it, she is also not interested in Saba. She is 8 months old...

    Now a bit about the pack dynamics... Saba is 2 and a half, hasnt been used at stud yet. He had the chemical castration medication in Feb last year, the one that lasts 6 months. He is a very dominant dog. All 3 B's live up in the house, with free exercise for hours per day, down in the dog run. They all run together. Vanda is a very settled young lady, she is fully aware of Saba being the pack leader, (of the dogs ONLY !!!), and has a healthy respect for him. If he tells her off for some indescretion, she accepts it, BUT, if the ticking off is too much (in her mind, that is), she will retaliate but only in a minor way, and Saba basically ignores her anyway. I think Saba is far more interested in having Ochre as his 'friend', not Vanda. I often think he wonders why she is even in the house with him !!!

    I guess I am just really curious as to why he is really not interested in her. Right now, here, its 9.30pm, and they are all reclining in the warmth of the fire we have just put on... I am obviously watching them like hawks, but it certainly doesnt seem that a quick mating is going to happen anytime soon. Vanda is not flagging to him, but she did yesterday to our ACD boy, very much so...

    Is it the pack dynamics, thats stopping things from happening ???

    I have heard of cases where dogs living together, wont mate at all, till the bitch is sent away, from the beginning of her season, only returning when she is fertile and receptive, then success...

    Is she too young, (in his mind, I mean), so hes not interested ??? Is he only interested in Ochre as his future mate, so will never be interested in Vanda ???

    Maybe he's just broken ;););)

  • Hi,
    we have two males and two females at home. Girls are 6 and 2 yrs old and boys 15mo and 9yrs old. Or 9 yrs old Geasy has never interested with both girls during their season. Actually other dogs from neigbourhood have never known our girls were in season.

  • My boy Nicky and my mom's boy Cole, Nicky's nephew, don't show any real interest in the girls until they have ovulated and then it is a week to ten days of them being pretty darn insane. It actually peaks as they are past prime and the boys know they are missing their last opportunity to breed them.

  • When Zoni came into her first season, Nemo (who is neutered) wasn't interested in her at all until about 3 weeks in. Luckily he didn't go too crazy. He's pretty mellow overall though and doesn't get too excited about much anyway.

  • My boys are never interested until the bitch is actually ovulating then they go mad. It is very useful too as timing can never go wrong!

    If a dog is not interested in my opinion it has nothing to do with them living closely together. There is a possibility however, that the bitch is not actually ovulating. Basenjis can ovulate very late in the season - I have never had a bitch ready in under 16 days and for one bitch it was 26days!

  • There seems to be a lot of variation in ovulation times. My girls are for the most part very regular and ovulate almost always on day 10 of their cycles. Other breeders have girls that ovulate much later in their seasons. It is nice to have a male that is really good at telling you when the girls ovulate, that way you can chart it and if you are going to breed, you'll have a better idea of when you will need to get the girl to the appropriate boy.

  • Thanks for all this info, maybe it doesnt have anything to do with him 'not liking' Vanda… Perhaps he will wait till she is ovulating, so I will need to step up the vigilance :).

    I hope nobody thinks I am asking these questions because I am doing a mating between them, cos I am NOT... Just want to make that clear. When I just read through what I had written, it could be taken that I was hoping to get a mating between them... DEFINATELY NOT 😃

    Wow Patty, from as late as day 16-26, that is definately not text book:p :rolleyes:.

    Sounds like he is not broken then, just a male B :D...

  • Remember Saba…. Basenjis DO NOT read the books...gggg.... nothing about them is text book

  • Thanks for all the replies, guys…

    irena, how interesting... It sounds a bit like the living together has possibly made a difference in your house... Have you ever tried to do a mating with any of the housemates ???

    Really interesting about how some of the boys dont seem to respond to the bitches until they ovulate. Gee, another funny little quirk of the breed :). This breed are full of them... Quirks that is !!!

    Patty, again Im stumped about never having a bitch of yours ready for mating under day 16... If that was a ACD, we would, 9 times out of 10, have missed her for that season. ALL of my girls have mated between day 10-13, without fail. Off the top of my head, most of the bitches I know of also are pretty textbook, BUT I know we are talking B here, NOPE THEY NEVER READ THE FLAMING BOOK, do they ??? :D:D:D

  • My vet and her techs just accept the fact that basenjis threw the book out the window and do whatever they want.

    When I started taking the temp on my girl to estimate when she would whelp, we found she was opposite of everything "the book" says about how temp should be during the course of the day. But we still got it all figured out.

  • So clearly, when you bother reading the "Best Book Of The Dog", you just completely accept that the B will, without fail, be the opposite of what every other breed of dog does…..................................YES ??? :p:p:p

  • Except then they will do what the book says because you expect them to do otherwise. They can be contrary that way.

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