Hanging with Daddy. Literally. 😉

Sitting pretty. Is the paw crossing a Basenji thing? Jetta does it ALL the time.

This really doesn't look comfy. But she either does this or stretches between me and DH so her back is smooshed against me and her paws are braced against him. I call it the Twofer Snuggle.

Yes, B's cross their paws like that. She's very pretty…I like the freckles on her front legs.

She's lovely, i like the hanging with Daddy pic 😃


Great pictures..
Otis crosses his paws like that and he sleeps just like Jetta too, either curled up in a tiny ball of stretched out like he is stiff as a board..

Hey! I think I know you from another dog board I used to frequent. You gave me permission to use a bc pic of yours for a project that I never did anything with. The idea is still in my head though.

No clues on Jetta's mix though. Fiest? She's awfully cute.

Hey Agilebasenji! Um, Mighty Mites maybe? Or idog? I'm all over the place, LOL! Or used to be anyway until kids and hubby took over the computer. 😉

it was idog, haven't been there in years. lots of good people went somewhere else and it just got too full of drama. But nice to see you again.

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