• Do anyone else's basenji's do this?

    I just had a leaflet put through the door and Maya grabbed it and brought it right up to me and dropped it on my lap :eek: She has NEVER done this before, she just ignores the mail usually. How cute is little Maya? 😃

    Maybe i can teach her to vaccuum and wash up 😉

  • Houston

    She is one smart girl..Otis will go get the mail too…only to tear it up of course..but hey at least he got it..ggrr..

  • Oh, naughty Otis!! Maya has always been really good about not shredding the mail, that would annoy me! Hopefully her new "talent" wont lead to that lol

  • My first Basenji used to hate the mailman. The mail box was on the right side of the garage door and she used to jump up aggressively at the box banging against the door when he would put the mail through. It was the old type door with big springs that you lifted up in the early 70s. One day I heard this big BOOM! I went out in the garage and she banged it pretty hard and the door flew open (2 car garage door). She was standing there right in the mailman's face and he was frozen until I could pick her up.

  • Poor mail man!!

    I think Maya has watched Riley do it as i occassionally used try to get him to collect the mail if it falls on the floor and bring to me. Most of the time he couldnt work out what i was asking! But sometimes he did. I've not done it for months but maybe she saw that and she was copying?

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