Kits: time to UK?

For those on this side who have used the swab kit (I have previously sent blood) how long from the order date did they take to arrive? I ordered them last Sunday (17th) and it has now become somewhat urgent.

I don't know how long it takes to get overseas but I got mine in one week from ordering and there was a two day holiday that week. They are very good about getting it in the mail ASAP so I would expect if you ordered on a Sunday, it was shipped on the Monday.

Lisa - i ordered 9 kits 3 weeks ago - got an email last week advising they had ran out of stock. Got an email yesterday saying that orders were posted on Friday. I was beginning to panic!

Thanks Scott! I'll have to chill while I'm waiting for the swabs and the results; time is not on my side. Trust Basenjis to refuse to go along with one's plans.
Have fun swabbing 9 puppies!

Mine only took about a week to come and the results were up on their website within 2 weeks of me sending it back!

If it comes this week, and if it takes 2 weeks for mine, it might just be in time! My own fault, I should have known better than to assume a Basenji would go along with my planning!

I had my results 3 days after they recieved the kit back. But you have to check because they don't send you an email with the results.

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