Adorable Benjii needs a home..

I wish I could help out, he is close, but my house is so full..4 dogs, that is enough..

He looks so sad. 😞 I hope someone can help the old fellow out. Site says Senior. Sometimes they are the best pets. Wish there was more background available on him.

are heartworms contagious for my other basenji's before treatment?


No they are not. The dog gets the heartworms from mosquitos when bit by them..

I have word from a reliable source this boy is still available for adoption.

Heartworm is so very easy to prevent…poor poor boy!

I just want to say how incredibly happy I am with my senior girl.

I love her so much, and she is so much fun. You would never know she is 11, and she is so loving that you would never know she wasn't here her whole life.


Middle aged or senior dogs are a joy ….I see the heartworm as the bigger issue for this poor guy.

Just wondering….are the adoption fees on dogs negotiable when they have to be treated for stuff like heartworm? The treatment can be very expensive.

It appears a Basenji rescue group from Austin, TX is going to step in and help out with this boy. Ms. Sharon, perhaps you will have more information on this going forward since you have close ties with BRAT.

AJ, I will try to find out more re this guy..I would do you the kindness of posting Mr./Ms. before your AJ, but don't want to offend if I put the wrong thing.
Anyway, thank you for your concern re this old guy!

AJ's Human is Belinda, a woman.

AJ is the basenji, a boy.

Hope you can get more info on the rescue boy.


Thank you, Ms. Nicole.

Yes, my user name is a bit ambiguous. One of these days I will post a picture of myself and AJ. I always seem to be on the wrong side of the camera.

And please don't feel bad…half of the time, I misspell your name. :o

Ms. Sharron, do we have any word on this boy yet? I know it's only been a few days, but I hate the idea of this old fellow being passed over because of something that is quite obviously not his fault and was completely preventable.

Texas has four screeners for the state. I posted to one asking who to ask, re the Austin area.
Will let you know when I hear. If I don't hear by tomorrow, I will post to the other 3.
Fingers crossed, I will have some info soon.

Here is the latest post I got from the Texas BRAT person….....

Benji was sprung from jail on Friday. He appears to be a healthy, sweetheart of a boy.


I asked her to let me know what the vets say, and his status...

Thank you, Ms. Sharron. That is excellent news. I will pass it on to other interested sources.

Oh, even better news today..Wendy posted to me that the foster home MIGHT be his forever home! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!
I so hope this is true…


Very good news..keeping my fingers crossed this is actually happening..

More good news. Thank you.

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