Gift exchange… they are happy!

We want to thank you so much Rita Jean.. Everybody is SO happy with their gifts…
Here the first pics from opening their gifts!

Is it ours????

What's in it???

Chafuko takes it!!!

Also takes that toy


Give it to me!!!!

Chafuko is in heaven.. toy heaven!

Buana is trowing around his toy

Action!!! After this pic, Buana trew the toy almost to the sealing hahahaha

Also Ryan got presents 😃

He likes it so much

This morning he was playing with the rattle the whole time 😃

Grandmom playing with Ryan

Spaiky got some toys too!! WOW

He likes it so much

During the night, Spaiky put his new toys everywere in the house… I think he wanted to have a toy closeby everytime 😃

Thanks Rita Jean.. they are so happy... 😃

Are they spoiled or what!?! 😃 Great pics and great presents!!

Great pics, i think Spaiky loves the box the toys came in too 😃

Great pictures thank you for posting. Had special paper with dogs on it for Christmas could not wrap them and place in box without tearing them open. Ryan is one very handsome little guy he is getting bigger next year will be a blast with Ryan. I am happy that Spaiky loved the toys our cat always been to lazy to play even when he was a kitten. Again thank you for pictures they are all great.

Rita Jean


Wow, RitaJean you went all out, such a sweetie.
Great pictures Kim. Yes, the boys were all in toy heaven.

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